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Millennials are people born between 1980 and 2000. They are the so-called entitled and lazy generation who are drowning in student loans and struggling to save money for future self. Millennials are often criticized by their predecessors for killing traditions and being entitled but in reality that’s not the case at all. However, it’s good to see the millennials express their problems online with a sense of humor.

Twitter is a goldmine for hilarious tweets from Millennials who express their daily struggles in a lighter way. Here the 10 tweets about the things millennials are killing in today’s world:

1. Marriage

Millennials are certainly getting married at a later age when compared to their parents. This is only because they are getting financially stable later than parents too.         

2. Monopoly

Remember the popular board game that is famous from ruining friendships? Yes, the millennials are trying to kill that good old friendship destroyer as well.

3. Napkins

Millennials are known for their love of throwing things away. This is probably one of the reasons why their relationships don’t last that long too. So another thing that this entitled and lazy generation has on mind to kill are dish towels. Apparently, they are too lazy to wash the dish towels for another use,  so they prefer paper towels.

4. Jokes

If you thought about telling a raunchy joke to your friends when you see them, you are mistaken. Millennials are after our old fashioned jokes too. Scrap all your offensive and cheeky jokes because sooner or later millennials will kill them too.


5. Applebee’s

It is still unclear what Applebee’s did wrong in the first place to deserve the dislikes from millennials. However, one thing is clear, there fast serving restaurant has made the kill list.

6. Electronic Media

Millennials are a social media loving generation, so their hate towards electronics is not understood. It is funny electronic media returns the favor to millennials equally.

7. Homeownership

It is evidently clear that millennials are a struggling generation, and it is much more difficult for them to own a house than for their parents. If you give them stupid advice such as, stop eating avocados toasts so you can buy a house, then they are certainly going to roast you on twitter.

8. Department Stores

Known for being lazy, the millennials are refusing to go out shopping as well. They would rather just go out and eat rather than visit a department store.

9. Cable TV

The ‘entitled’ generation of millennials has Netflix and Hulu at a press of a button away. Good thing they aren’t wasting time by watching cable TV all day.

10. Fabric Softener

Millennials are also known for having lesser number of brain cells than their ancestors. That is why you often hear new about them for trying to eat and drink things that aren’t supposed to be consumed by a human body.



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