The changes and advancements in the technology that the world is encountering are insane! With these accelerating changes, we can certainly expect to see some fantastic and jaw-dropping technological innovations in the years ahead.

With the fog starting to clear, we can pretty much see what future the next twenty years hold.

Here are ten futuristic technologies that will appear by the 2030s – your mind will be blown!

Artificially intelligent personal assistants

Microsoft’s office assistant Clippy and iPhone’s intelligent assistant Siri is just a teaser of amazing personal assistants future will bring. These assistants will fully understand and respond to natural language 24/7. They will have an uncanny level of general intelligence. They will be our virtual mind clones; they will know everything about us, including our behavior, preferences, tendencies etc.  They will write emails and book appointments for us and even anticipate our needs.

Unseen computers

With time, the ‘visible’ computers that we have in our phones, cars, toys are getting smaller, thanks to the miniaturization revolution! Within the next twenty years, these devices will be everywhere, but invisible. They will be in our clothes, fashion accessories, and even in our contact lenses. We will use natural language and tactile feedback to use them or they will probably have a certain level of ambient intelligence so that they can perform independently when required.

Virtual animals with digital minds

You must already know about the OpenWorm project digitizing the brain of a nematode worm. In future, the brains of other animals, like ants, bees, and mice will also be emulated, making them live inside a computer. Who knows these digital brains will be uploaded to the robotic avatars too!

The first sanctioned mega-scale geoengineering project

Photo via. science news

By the 2030s, we will see several successful geoengineering projects working to improve the world’s climate. Geo-engineering techniques, such as artificial trees, ocean fertilization, ocean alkalinity enhancement, weather control, and enhanced weathering are likely to start very soon.

An interplanetary internet

It is expected that someone from Earth will reach Mars and establish an internet connection between the two planets – how cool! This will make it easy for astronauts to share and receive information.

The first true anti-aging intervention

Photo via. Incosmetic news

Forget about all the scam cosmetic products and treatments that claim to be anti-aging. By the 2030s, a revolutionary intervention is likely to take the world into a storm. It could be a tweak or any therapies to reverse the aging process.

Autonomous robots with a killing license

An autonomous killing robot will be loved by the military men to help save their lives and kill their enemies. Likely to be introduced around the 2030s, these robots will have greater physical and cognitive abilities than humans have.

Lab-grown organs and meat

Not only you will see physicians prescribing tailor-made medicines according to your genetic constitution, they will also be able to generate differentiated tissue from your stem cells. You will be able to grow your own organs – yes, the heart too! So, neither a donor will be needed, nor any chance of rejection will be there.

Personal home fabricators

Photo via. Mashable

In future, you will be able to produce your own products at your home using 3D printers. Although you will have to pay for the items at first, eventually they will become available for free or for sharing. Not only daily items, these printers will generate handguns, vaccines, and androids.

Industrial scale desalination  

By the 2030s, the oceans will quench the world’s thirst. Huge Concentrated Solar Power plants (CSPs) will remove salt from the ocean water by using residual heat, leaving it all fresh. Thus, non-sustainable water supply will be greatly reduced.

These amazing technologies have more chances of coming into action by the 2030s than not. Get yourself prepared to see these innovations revolutionizing the world!



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