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We’re just gonna go ahead and say it: Migos are better than The Beatles. Sorry Gen-Xers, we don’t make the facts. For years the meme “Migos are better than the Beatles” has been making its way around the internet. We all know the song Versace is better than anything on Abbey Road, but if you’re still not convinced here are just a few reasons why:

10) Preferred method of transportation

So, we all know The Beatles have their famous ‘Yellow Submarine’ and that’s cute and all but it’s just not getting it done in 2018. According to Offset in the song Emmet Smith, he’s got a new Mercedes from Haiti sitting on Walter Paytons (34-inch rims). In the same verse he also says he’s going to buy Delta. Who needs a submarine when you’re pushing that? Beatles can take their submarine and shove it.

9) The Beatles never went platinum on datpiff

For all their accomplishments, all their awards, and all their accolades, one thing The Beatles never managed to do was drop a platinum mixtape on Datpiff. You can’t really claim GOAT status if you don’t know the struggle of hustling and passing out mixtapes. It’s hard to take you seriously as an artist if you’ve never put up numbers on Datpiff.

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8) Migos have better flow

Plain and simple, John Lennon doesn’t have bars like that. You can’t tell me Ringo Star could stand in front of Quavo and go bar for bar. The Beatles flow is way too slow and sluggish. We’ll give ’em the line, “Blackbird singing in the dead of the night/Take these broken wings and learn to fly/All your life/You were only waiting for this moment to arise.” That line goes hard. But don’t tell us Migos’ line, “Drown the ice with medicine/Drown your bitch with the skeleton/I’m on the stove cooking elements/The skies the limit, I’m heaven-sent” isn’t way better.

7) Beatles want to Let It Be, Migos Want to Open it Up

For all their talk about progress and creating a better world, at the end of the day, The Beatles are the ones who said to just “let it be.” Migos aren’t so satisfied by the status-quo. They want to open it up and really go for it, not just sit idly and let things be. Rather than just wait for mother Mary to come to them, Migos are “in that pot, first one makin’ noise” skrrt skrrt.

6) Migos actually bring people together

The Beatles are all about love, peace, and harmony. They want us to “imagine” a better world where we all come together. But what’s their track record? Have they actually resolved any conflicts? Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi ad might have bridged more gaps. The Migos on the other hand have done the unthinkable. Who would have dreamed that Cardi B and Nicki Minaj would ever team up and collaborate? The Migos did. Both female rappers who are currently in the middle of an ongoing feud put their differences aside last year and jumped on the Migos song Motosport and appeared in the video. Now that’s what we call bringing people together.

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5) Migos have better names

These days, your stage name is everything. Even Ariana Grande admits she pronounces her name ‘grahn-day’ instead of ‘grand-y’ because it sounds cooler. As far as stage names go, Quavo, Takeoff, and Offset are pretty hard to beat, especially when you’re pulling up with names like ‘George.’ Ringo is cool, we’ll give ’em that, but when was the last time you heard of someone grinding and going hard with the name Paul? “Oh look out for Paul, he’s mean with the strap,” said no one ever.

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4) Migos Walk it Like they Talk it

We can go down the ‘long and winding road’ of Beatles songs, but the fact is nothing will ever compare to Walk It Talk It. The Beatles never had a Drake feature on any of their singles. Fun fact, Walk It Talk It has 283 million streams on Spotify. Here Comes the Sun has 231 million. Takeoff said, “walk in the buildin’ they start applaudin,” does anyone really care about The Beatles anymore? Hard to ‘imagine’ them getting the same reception.

3) You can rap kids books over Migos beats

Bad & Boujee was a cultural landmark that won’t ever be touched, especially by The Beatles. And not just because it was on the album ‘Culture’ either. During a stop at Power 106, Migos read the children’s book Llama Llama Red Pajama over the Bad & Boujee beat. You really can’t get more iconic than that. Try doing anything like that with a Beatles song. You can’t read Good Night Moon over Hey Jude, just can’t do it.

2) The Beatles have Lucy in the sky with diamonds, but Migos has too much jewelery 

Even when it comes to jewelery, Migos flash their ice better. Besides, who the hell is Lucy and why are we supposed to care? Rather than outsource who has the ice, Migos has their own frost. According to them, they just spent a “cool half ticket on it,” their clear white diamonds “make your eyesight blurry.” As for Takeoff, his diamonds draw attention and are “wet like willie splash.” Beat that “lUcY”

1) The numbers don’t lie

To quote Cardi B “THE NUMBERS DONT F**KIN LIE!” This year Migos tied the Beatles for having the most songs simultaneously in the Billboard hot 100 charts with 14. Days later, they broke that record (if you narrow it to just R&B and Hip-Hop) with 15.

The top three most streamed songs by Migos on Spotify have a combined 1,147,232,085 streams. The top three most streamed songs by The Beatles have a combined 515,321,403 streams, or less streams combined than Bad & Boujee by itself. The last time the Beatles were in the charts was 1996. Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff on their own are all currently in the Billboard hot 100 and Takeoff’ solo album is currently #4 on the Top 200 albums chart.

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UPDATE: The Beatles never did carpool karaoke

This week, the Migos appeared on an episode of Carpool Karaoke with James Corden. The Beatles never did that. Sure Paul McCartney went on by himself, but as a group, the Beatles never made it. Migos deadass ad lib’d to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond. That’s not even their genre. No one in The Beatles ever tried rapping. This just proves Migos are the most versatile group ever.


  1. The guy who made this knows absolutely nothing about music. At all. If you agree with this you’re retarded, just like the other guy said. And btw, the Beatles have never been on carpool kareoke as a band because a couple of them are dead

  2. You do realize that this is a completely unfair test, and you’re making dumb comments like what’s cars verses submarines someone has. Half of the Beatles are dead, their classics, people will remember them for ages, one of them was stabbed by their fan, just because that fan wanted their name to be next to that band member, they were from a different time and a different genre, and guess what, barley anyone would have liked the Migos back then, because people weren’t into that kind of music, rap was different, the Beatles have changed, they had normal names because that’s what people did back then, and it’s a bit too late to change that now, 40 years later, so to whoever wrote this, learn to appreciate music, and this is your opinion, not a fact. You believe that the Migos are better, I don’t, I think their kinda annoying, so next time you want to insult quite a large group of people with your music choice, why don’t you just decide to keep it to yourself

  3. The person who wrote this needs to be fired immediately. To think that a bunch of rappers are better than the greatest music group of ALL time is hilarious. The most iconic song ever made is literally “Hey Jude” by the Beatles. The most covered song of all time is “Yesterday” by… the BEATLES. And you’re saying that a rap group who have a few platinum hits are better than them? Okay. Paul McCarteny is the second richest musican of ALL TIME. In his 70s, hess still selling out stadiums where ever he goes. Anyway… Have a nice career dealing with your own stupidity.

  4. This wasn’t a good list at all but what makes it even worse is by the fact you use the members of the Beatles names as a reason. You probably were joking but saying migos than the Beatles is like saying Trump is better than Abraham Lincoln

  5. Migos aren’t even REMOTELY good. They don’t have a good flow even in the slightest, and their song Stir Fry is easily the worst hip hop song I’ve heard in the last 4 years. I would rather listen to literally nothing for a year if it means I’ll never hear another Migos song again.

    I don’t even give a shit about the Beatles. Migos can eat my ass. Fuck outta here with your lame article you fuckin’ mango.

  6. Whoever said this are extremely wrong I grew up listening to the Beatles and they did so much for the music industry and what have the migos done to be honest a lot of there music are terrible cus they all sound the same and just aren’t good

  7. You guys are the real idiots posting about the writer like this isn’t a troll advert you clicked on. The fact some people are getting mad makes this hilarious.


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