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Millennials and older generations – clearly there is a disconnection between the generations, but that does not justify the generation war going on. While, there are some things that older people do better than millennials, the latter is also not much behind in the race.

Here are ten things that millennials do better than older generations.

1. Understanding technology

No matter how much you curse technology for changing the world, you cannot deny the fact that it has made it easy for us to learn and communicate faster. Be it new smartphones, laptops, or any technology, millennials surely have a knack for understanding and using them.  

2. Using social media

Although social media is related to technology in a way, it is a completely different world on its own. You must have seen companies looking to hire a social media manager – well, the job is not that simple! There are live videos, statuses, hashtags, emojis, and many other things to take care of on social media. The older generation can never beat the millennials when it comes to using social media!

3. Hard work

Millennials are often referred to as the lazy generation. We beg to differ. Well, the way we look at it, they work their asses off at school for good grades, do internships that only give them credits, and manage to do a part-time job to make ends meet.

4. Being proactive

If you talk about an issue that needs to be addressed, it is the millennials lighting up the fire to bring a change about it. Social media sites, such as Facebook is a major platform where they put in their energy to enforce change no matter how much time it takes.

5. Saying ‘no’

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With schooling, internships, and jobs, the younger generation has so much on their plates that they need to say ‘no’ to not get treated like a doormat. They understand that developing a successful career is important while balancing it with their personal life but giving too much time at work or enjoying too much with friends is not the right way to do it. The millennials are better at evaluating their priorities and stepping back when required.

6. Adjusting with change

The millennials are also better at learning new things and adjusting to change. They have grown up in a decade when the society was changing constantly and technological advancements were on their rise. They quickly adapt to utilize any new program to its full potential.

7. More accepting

Once considered underdogs, the millennials have become much more accepted. More discussions, parades, and law passing indicate that they are moving in the right direction.

8. Better education

With the development of the educational system, people need to have a college degree before they can join a workforce, unlike the older times. The millennials receive a better education and there are more clubs, programs, and career choices for them.  

9. Smart shopping

The younger generation does not buy anything only to regret later. They do their research on the internet to see which products are worth buying, their rating, and compare them with other similar products so that they can shop the best items.

10. Taking their time

The millennials take their time to get a degree, build their career, and become independent and well settled before they jump into marriage, unlike what used to happen in the older times.

These are some things millennials do better than the older generation – the next time someone calls you lazy or useless, make them count these points!



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