In a world full of ‘fake news’ it can be hard to sort out fact from fiction. While it should be common knowledge that the Onion and other sites like Clickhole are satire, that fact has alluded the people on this list. Here are some grade A chumps who either unironically cited them as news or got completely duped by a headline.

Saudi propaganda won’t fool this person

This modern-day Sherlock Holmes quickly snuffed out the Saudi propaganda attempting to deceive him. He eventually though realized he was duped. We can’t blame them too much, the Onion does call itself ‘America’s Finest News Source.’ If you can’t trust them, who can you trust!?

Pretty pathetic indeed

We agree with this noble Tweeter diligently calling out big money corruption. It is truly pathetic that so much is wasted on political campaigns. What’s even more pathetic though is that it’s 2018 and people still don’t know that the Onion is satire.


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