You would want to avoid some things on a date with a guy to not end up as his dating horror story.

Wondering what those things are? Let the guys tell you themselves!

Here are eleven worst things that women did on their date, according to guys.

1. Fell asleep during dinner

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A guy went out with two different women. Both of them were nervous and got drunk before the date. The first girl fell asleep during dinner and the guy had to call her a cab after buying some time from the restaurant staff.

The second girl nearly puked on him with all the drinking. And when he was driving her back home, she tried to make moves on him, which he thought was ridiculous given that she had come very close to vomiting on him.    

2. Took all the leftovers

A guy thought his date was going well, even though the girl was on her phone the entire time. She even took her phone with her to the bathroom. After a couple of minutes when she came back, the guy paid for the food and they left the restaurant.

While they were walking down the street, her friend came out of nowhere to pick her up. Apparently, she had called her friend from the bathroom and asked her to pick her up from the date, as she was not having a good time. The guy obviously felt bad. On top of it, even though the guy had paid for the fancy food, she took all the leftovers with her!  

3. Used him for free food

Another guy who went out for dinner with a girl told that she was using her phone constantly, made no effort to make a conversation, and had zero interest in what he had to say – it was apparent that she was there only for the free food.

However, she did not know that a friend of him worked at the restaurant. So, the guy went up to him and spilled the beans, paid for his half of the meal and left the girl there.

4. Invited her housemate to the dinner

A guy was having dinner with a girl when she saw her roommate along with her little cousin passing by the restaurant. To the guy’s surprise, she asked if they could join them! Anyway, they ended up having dinner together.

However, since it was not a ‘date’ anymore, they paid for their own meals.

5. Tried to have sex in the bathroom


A guy ended up deleting tinder after he went on a horrible date. Why? The girl complemented that his daughters were beautiful and then asked if he wanted more. She told that she did not so even if his answer were in negative, they would be perfect together. Then, she got drunk and tried to make out with him and get him to have sex in the bathroom after she had thrown up for 30 minutes!

6. Knocked a cup over and kept walking

A guy was enjoying a comedy show with a date. When she stood up to go to the bathroom, she knocked a cup full of ice over. To his utter surprise, she did not even bother to pick it up and just kept walking. The guy ended up picking the cup and made sure he never talked to that inconsiderate girl again!

7. Ended up having sex with his roommate

A guy arranged a date with a girl which went really well. They made out and she asked him if she could come over to his place. While they were on their way, she asked if her friend could come along. The guy agreed and told her that her friend could hang out with her flatmate. All three of them got to his place. He went to the toilet and his flatmate told him that his date tried to kiss him while he was in there. The guy just gave him a green signal to go ahead.

8. Said he had catfished her

A guy was constantly blamed for catfishing his date just because he looked five pounds heavier than in his photo!

9. Did not tell she lived with her mom, sister, and kids


After having a good time with his date, a guy agreed when the woman asked him to go back to her place. Upon reaching there, he saw that everyone was in the house; her mother, sister, and even her kids who she somehow forgot to mention she had. She took him to his room and kicked her kids out, and he ended up watching a movie with her, and just hanging out and talking afterward because he had no phone and he had to wait for the bus until morning.

10. Gave the idea that she wanted to get pregnant

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A guy went out on a date and the girl said she wanted to go back to his place. On their way, she started telling him about her sick father who was going to die within two years. It was all okay until she told that she was going to him a grandchild before he died. The guy just took her home and left.

11. Took an elevator to see another guy

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A guy who randomly met a girl agreed to go see some band with her. She also dragged her friend along. When they get there, it was just a guy singing with a karaoke machine on whom she had a crush on. Since she did not have a car to get there herself, she kind of just used him for a free ride.   

These are some of the worst things that women have done on a date that the guys absolutely hated!


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