If you thought that the millennial generation is a thing of the past, you are wrong. Even in the modern age, marketers have to consider the millennial generation when designing their marketing tools.

Do you know why? Well, that’s because nearly 80 million people in the United States belong to the millennial generation.

Also, today it’s not just about millennial generation. In fact, many people are millennial minded – Baby Boomers, Generation Z, and Generation X. Many of them are Millennial-minded consumers who are basically helping us to redefine our position and our message.

A Thorough Sustainability

In 2018, the Millennial-minded audience is expecting more from the brands they purchase. They don’t want the products to be only good for them; they want them to be socially and environmentally beneficial too.

Investing in Yourself

Although technology is making it super easier for everyone to invest and save money yet this is not clearly working.

It has been observed that 69% of Americans have less than $1,000 in their savings, and they still spend $80 billion annually on lottery tickets. This means that instead of saving, they are spending more. This is why new tools are coming up in the market such as Grand that makes the user feel that they are winning as they are saving.

Currency Will Be Different

This year people and companies will come up with more ways to barter. This means you wouldn’t have to simply exchange physical items for money.

Traveling Is More Personalized

New companies are beginning to arise such as El Camino Travel that provides professional photographer on your tours so that you can enjoy your time there and also post photos on social media during your travel.

Another platform Trill captures all of your friend’s activities while they are traveling to show you around the best places to eat, shop, and sleep.

Focus on E-Learning

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This is the trend that is being seen more often. There is a shift from traditional classroom learning towards online resources. Nowadays, People are leaning more towards digital technology for the purpose of both teaching and learning.

Music Festivals Need to Be More Than Just Festivals

Attending music festivals is very common in America as according to Neilson Music, at least 32 million people attended a music festival in America in 2014.

Since then, there have been quite a few music festivals popping up and to avoid making them look all the same, they have to deliver something unique.

Wellness Is Regarded as More Holistic

Holistic health that focuses on improving mental, physical, and emotional health is becoming more of a focus in 2018. Individuals are more conscious about their health than ever before and are making sure that they are consulting the true experts in the medical field.

More Personalized Communication with the Customers

In 2018, the brands/agency/media to communicate with their customers in a more friendly and humble manner is a trend that’s being highly encouraged. The top priority is the customer who should be treated as humans, not like robots.

More Personalized Promotion

For any brand to succeed, it is important for it to connect with the customers at a personal level. People want to see that the brands feel and care for them before they invest in their products.

Influencer Marketing Will Change to “Human Marketing”

It is estimated that marketing would become more human in order to endorse the products to its customers.

Self-Organization Will Be the Norm

The Millennial-minded are demanding more from the organizations they work for and it’s expected to see self-organization to reign soon.

Appreciate More Humans

Though there was a time when the abilities of a robot were embraced all over the world, this year the abilities of humans will be appreciated.

Some of these Millennial-minded trends are actively being employed by the marketers while some of them need to be utilized soon!  



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