The older generation regards us as “lazy” and “careless” but hey, we needn’t have to buy into any of these stereotypes.

Do you know why? Well, that’s because we are the best generation there ever could be. Don’t you believe us? Read this article and you’ll be convinced too!

1. We’re Skillful Entrepreneurs

We might seem to others as lazy or people who don’t like to work, but let’s clear one thing – we don’t like to work for others. We don’t like to be bossed around by other people but rather prefer to be our own boss.

2. We Know More about Worldly/Social Issues

Unlike other generations, we are more aware of serious social issues like brutality, sexism, public outrage, and homophobia. We’re the ones who are raising our voices against these problems on public platforms.

3. We’re the Most Educated Generation

According to Pew Research Center, we are the most literate generation which clearly makes us better than the rest.

4. Our Priorities Are Straight, Always

Other generations think that we just know how to waste away our times on social media but Pew Research Center found out that we have more serious problems to ponder over. We are driven, hardworking, and career-oriented. Therefore, most of our lot prefers to stay on our grind and not let trivial affairs weigh us down.

5. We’re All for LGBTQ Rights

In our generation, there is an acceptance of gay marriage, making us the more progressive and open-minded lot!

6. We’re Independent Thinkers

We don’t believe everything we are told. We have our own sets of opinions, and we are always open to criticism and feedback. We challenge the messages society puts through TV and music rather than following them like sheep.

7. We Can Challenge the Existing Status Quo

Young people are not hesitant to challenge the existing status quo anymore. Gone are the days when nerds and geeks were looked down upon. Now they are the ones who are ruling the world!

8. We Stay Updated

Again, our elders might think that we are wasting our time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but according to American Press Institute, all the time spent on social media also ultimately makes us more informed than the rest! Most millennials get the daily dose of news through these social media platforms.

9. We Get Technology

Technology may have quite a few disadvantages but there are more positive features to this lifestyle. It’s because of the Internet that we are able to get news and stay connected with our friends and family abroad, among several, several things.

10. We’re Creative Thinkers

We are a highly creative lot and have the ability to master any new skill in the most creative way possible.

11. We Make Celebrities Step Up

If there is any public outrage, we expect high-profile personalities to put their public platform to notable use. People are more interested in knowing their opinions about different social issues rather than just giving us all the dirt on their personal lives.

12. We’re Better When it Comes to the Matters of Sex


We are more knowledgeable about sex as compared to the older generation. That’s only because we are more relaxed and laid-back.

These 12 reasons definitely prove that millennials are nothing but the best. And we know that deep down somewhere you do agree with us!


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