Who needs school when you have Twitter? Everyday people all over the world learn way more useful shit on the social media site than they ever learned sitting in class. Sure in school you learn about history and science and all that, but did you know that the ‘L’ in the Staples logo is actually a half-opened staple? Yea probably not.

Here are some of the best things people have learned from Twitter:

17. The middle part of N64 controllers were Wii nunchucks

If you’ve ever played on a Nintendo 64 (honestly you’re just a loser if you haven’t) you should be familiar with the iconic controllers. BUT, did you know that the middle part of the controller was just a Wii nunchuck this whole time?? Good luck learning that in business school.

16. ‘Scalp’ is actually an acronym

We’re sure your bio and chem instructors taught you a lot, but did they teach you that the word ‘scalp,’ as in; “ew that dude’s scalp is all flaky” is an acronym? Apparently, that thing we’ve been scratching our whole lives stands for: Skin, Connective tissue, Aponeurotica, Loose connective tissue, and Pericranium. Yea, we like scalp better.

15. The houses in SpongeBob are actually car mufflers

The next time someone says to you, “tell me something I don’t know,” kindly inform them that the houses in Spongebob are actually car mufflers that fell into the ocean. Then take a few steps back to avoid the blast radius of their mind exploding.

14. Those shoulder straps on your jacket are to hold your bag

This whole time you always just assumed that those straps on your jacket near your shoulders were just for fashion, but actually, are there to hold your bag.

13. Lord Farquaad was just a clever way to drop the f-bomb in a kids move

Obviously Shrek was a kids movie, so it wouldn’t be right to flat out name a character, Lord “fuckwad.” Solution: change the pronunciation to “Farquaad” and hope no one notices until years after the fact.


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