Breakups suck. There is no other way to put it. But instead of moping and pining for your ex and struggling to find a new love interest, here are 17 things you must do feel like the awesome person that you are again:

1. Let it out

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Don’t suppress your emotions by sweeping them under a rug and putting a brave face on. Let all your feelings out whether its anger, sadness and everything in between. Cry your heart out and then move on.

2. Discard your ex’s stuff away

Anything that would remind you of your ex should be chucked out the window immediately. If it was a civil breakup and you have anything valuable then just tell your ex to pick up the stuff when you are not home.

3. No contact

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Cleanse yourself from your previous relationship by cutting off all contact. This includes social media, hangouts with mutual friends (at least until you are completely over it) and sending messages.

4. Write down negative feelings about the breakup and set it on fire

Expel all your negative emotions on a piece of paper and set it ablaze. It is symbolic of you releasing yourself from the toxicity of it all and is a liberating feeling.

5. Forgive and forget

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Doing so is only beneficial for your sanity.

6. Be grateful

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Be grateful that you got out of a relationship that wasn’t right for you and for those times that made you happy.

7. Be open

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Be open to new possibilities and types of people. Who knows you might the perfect person at the most unexpected of places and circumstances.

8. Build your squad

An awesome support system for you to rely on is important so focus on strengthening your friendships.

9. Travel

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Explore different places, meet new people and have a good time. A change of environment is just what you need to heal from a breakup.

10. Learn a new skill

Whether it’s a new language, art or sport, discover your hidden talents and abilities and expand your skill set.

11. Shake your booty

Physical activity is very important to be in your best shape and studies have shown that any form of exercise can increase endorphins (stress reducing hormones) in the body.

12. Catch up on reading

Head to the bookstore and start reading what interests you. If you don’t know where to start then simply search the bestsellers list and take your pick.

13. Laugh

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Go to a comedy club or just watch your favorite sitcom or comedy movie and laugh all your sorrows away.

14. Pursue your passion

Start focusing on your interests and passion in life and work hard to achieve them. Ignite that fire within and march towards success!

15. Treat yourself

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Go to a spa or salon. A rejuvenated look is just what you need to feel great again.

16. Get a pet

Adopt a new pet and give it all the love and care that you can. pets will never break up with you.

17. Eat right

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A few comfort food binges are ok but you must eat right for optimum health.

Doing all or at least 5 of these things in the list will help you move in no time!




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