Let’s admit it, every woman loves getting compliments, and when they come from a man, their day is made!

But at times, guys say things that instead of making you feel good, makes you cringe. Those things are either too cheesy or downright clichéd. Let’s see some of the common ones!

1. “You’re not like the other girls.”

Women don’t like putting other women down, and when you say something like this it doesn’t set well with them.

Instead, you could better say, “You’re not like anyone I’ve met before” – this sounds so much better!

2. “Hey girl, I’m a feminist.”

Guys who are actually feminists don’t have to brag around telling other women that they are feminists. Men who boast around telling every girl they meet that they are feminists are most of the time not, and women can easily sense this.

So, it’s better to prove your feminism through your actions, not with just words.

3. “Smile!”

If you really want a woman to smile, then do something funny. They are not just here to boost your ego or make your day!

Smiley man. Business Mask Face Smiling Holding Hand Paper

4. “You’re definitely the prettiest of all of your friends.”

Guys need to realize that this is not some beauty pageant. Comparing you to your friends is SO not a nice way to impress her.

5. “I didn’t know you were smart.”

To begin with, if you didn’t consider her smart, what did you think of her in the first place? Were you just attracted to her good looks? Do you prefer to go out women who have no substance? Well, this is the kind of thing that makes women all judgy on you!

6. “Oh, please, of course you love shopping.”

You need to stop stereotyping women by saying this. If a woman says that she doesn’t love shopping, chances are that she might not. Not every woman on this planet Earth loves shopping.

7. “It’s so rare to meet a beautiful lawyer/scientist/mathematician, you must get all the attention in client meetings.”

At first, this might seem a little flattering, but what you are simply implying is that people should listen to you because all you have to offer is looks and no brains. Ouch, that could hurt!

8. “That’s pretty good for a woman.”

This is a very sexist thing to say and can make any woman offended easily so avoid saying this!

9. “My girlfriend is jealous of us hanging out. She’s so crazy.”

Women who respect other women don’t like to hear this and honestly, if you were in her place, you would get jealous too. So, there’s no point of calling her out “crazy”.

10. “My exes are all crazy.”

If you think that this will impress the woman you are talking to, you are wrong. This only shows how little respect you have for women. And that’s so not cool.

11. “I think you’re just projecting.”

Just because a woman has said to you “I’m not interested” even though you guys are just friends, it doesn’t mean that she is “uptight” or has some “daddy issues”.

12. “Girls shouldn’t curse.”

Who has given you the right to decide what a woman should do and shouldn’t do?

13. “Don’t be such a girl.”

Trust us, calling out a girl as a synonym for “lame” would only make matters worse for you.

14. “You’re not that kind of girl.”

If you are saying this implying that women who have sex are anything but normal, you are doing yourself no favors.

15. “You don’t need to go to the gym, you’re already hot.”

First of all, many women go to the gym because they want to be healthy or they love the endorphin rush that comes with exercise. Not everything is done to look sexually attractive!

16. “I love it when a girl eats.”

Men generally don’t say this to overweight women. They typically say it to women who are a size 2. Anyhow, it’s something that’s very annoying so it’s better not to say it at all.

Slim woman holding hamburger.

17. “How are you still single?”

Throw away this sexist idea that if a woman is single that’s because no man wants her. A girl can be single because she is simply choosy or picky.

If you really want to make a special place in a girl’s heart, our advice is to try extra hard to avoid these dialogues.




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