There are certain toys, foods, places, movies, songs, TV shows, books, and clothes that only Millennials can relate to. They are today’s set of generation who are familiar with things no other generation is.

Let’s take a trip down the memory lane and re-introduce you to some of those things!

1. Skip Protection CD Players

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This used to come in handy during our bus rides home, listening to our favorite songs when iPods and MP3 players were just a novelty. Those were the days!

2. Multicolor Pens

Having a pen installed with different colors was something that used to be in every student’s school box. The idea of holding every pen color in the palm of your hand was clearly fun for everyone!

3. The Pager

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Before the invention of cell-phones, people used to carry pagers along with them. Honestly, they were a major fad during the 90’s era.

4. The Tamagotchi

The Tamagotchi used to be a handheld digital pet,created in Japan. The tiny keychain toy was considered to be a competitive game where players had to hatch and nurture the virtual eggs by offering food and care.

5. The Floppy Disk

Photo via. SiliconUK

Storing data on floppy disks made us feel important.

Don’t even argue!

6. Hanson

It was one of the most popular American music bands whose distinctive songs used to be on every American’s tip of the tongue.

7. The Laserdiscs

Laserdiscs used to provide the best video quality until the DVDs entered into our lives. Growing up seeing a laserdisc had always been a thing of sheer fascination.

8. Xanga

Photo via. Flaticon

When Facebook and Twitter weren’t there, Xanga was there where people used to pour out their awkward feelings sprinkled heavily with hormones. You might not know but this ancient blog platform is used by many people to this date, unbelievable, right?

9. Dragon Ball Z

Kids these days are addicted to computer and mobile games, but for us (we’re sure every millennial would agree) our lives used to revolve around this anime cartoon!

10. The Nokia 3360

Photo via. Pinterest

For many of us, our first cell-phone was none other than the Nokia 3360 which honestly was quite a big deal back then. It was more special to all of us because this was the phone that we DID NOT borrow from our moms and dads.

11. Backstreet Boys

“Backstreet Boys” was undoubtedly the quintessential boy band back in the 90s. If you haven’t grown up listening to Quit Playing Games With My Heart, were you living under the rock?

12. Pokemon

The cards, TV shows, and Nintendo Gameboy video games (red, blue, and yellow) were undoubtedly the major part of our childhood.

13. Pogs

Also known as Milk caps, pogs were a hugely successful game craze among all the 90s kids.

14. TI-83 Graphing Calculator

Photo via. Copco Educational Products

For millennials, the TI-83 was a high-tech and sophisticated tool used by all the nerds for math and science.

15. AOL Instant Messenger (AIM)

AIM was an instant messaging resource that allowed us to chat with our friends and close ones all day long.

16. Legends of the Hidden Temple

Our evenings were incomplete without watching the most amazing TV show!

17. Oregon Trail

If there was one game that prepared us for the struggles of life, it was the Oregon Trail!

If this doesn’t make you feel nostalgic, we don’t know what will!




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