The new year is fast approaching and soon we’ll be pounding back champagne to bid farewell to the shitshow that was 2018. Congratulations you made it out alive!

Now here are some things that should just be left behind in 2018 and never be heard from again:

18. Logan Paul

If there’s anyone we can definitely slam the door on and leave outside in the cold in 2019, it’s Logan Paul. For 2019 to even have a chance, the world must be freed from Logan’s grotesque fuckboyery. We were thinking of launching him into space….without a space suit.

17. Facebook….yes, really

Facebook used to be for college kids to post photos of them doing keg stands and connecting with classmates to copy their homework. Then our parent’s generation came in, took over and completely soiled it.

Facebook used to be fun. Now it’s just old people posting New Yorker articles and your grandma messaging you asking how to make something into a PDF.

16. Movie remakes nobody asked for

Look we get it, Hollywood has run out of ideas but please spare us these godawful remakes. Not everything needs to be ‘updated.’ No one was breaking down your door demanding a Hocus Pocus or Scarface remake.

15. People without Celiac who eat gluten-free foods

By far the worst ‘healthy trend’ of the year, maybe of all time, is the spike in people who don’t have celiac but nonetheless willingly eat gluten-free foods anyway. Do you guys also wear casts on body parts that aren’t broken? This needs to stop.

In case you were wondering, how a synthetic Krabby Patty looks, is exactly how gluten-free anything tastes.

14. People who overuse the word ‘Iconic’

We get it, you liked the movie, or the song, or the music video or whatever the hell you’ve declared to be “iconic.” Not everything has to be “ICONIC” though. Stop using it to describe mediocrity. It’s really ok if something is *gasp* ‘pretty good.’ Kendall Jenner wearing a coat in the winter isn’t “iconic,” it’s practical.

Which of these are you leaving behind in 2018?


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