Did you watch ‘The Incredibles 2’?
Pixar’s favorite superhero family returned on the big screen this summer and we were all excited.
In order to get ready for the sequel many people revisited ‘The Incredibles’ (2004), and it leads to a
revelation of mistakes you might have never seen back in the 2000s.
Here is a list of 19 mistakes in the movie that make us question the editing department’s credibility:

1. The Newspaper

Image via Ebau

Remember the scene where Bob Parr is looking at his wall of fame? We found a newspaper dated 16
September 2002. Which is a shocker because the fictional world of ‘The Incredibles’ is set in the 1960s
not, 2000s.
So does that mean Mr. Incredible can time travel?

2. An Editor’s Nightmare

Not only does one of the newspapers appear to be forty years ahead of the timeline, it has a misspelled
headline that talks about ‘’innocent by standards’’ when it should be reading ‘’innocent bystanders”.
We don’t know about you but the ‘standards’ of Pixar have sure fallen in our eyes after this. Didn’t
anyone proofread back then?

3. The Car?

Image via Pixar Wiki

It might be a tiny detail but Bob Parr’s hand never moves from the steering wheel in the scene where he
is driving to work. Does that mean the superhero dad has access to superhero gadgets?

4. The Close Up

One of the movie’s close up shows a waterspout that is supposed to be closed. We see Frozone flipping
the handle on but we never see him flipping the water cooler off again.
Yet, the jewelry store never floods by his silly mistake.

5. Jack-Jack’s Powers

Image via shopDisney

The youngest Parr and his powers remained a mystery in the first movie. They seem to shift from
teleporting and firepower.
A baby playing with fire is a recipe for disaster. Yet, every time he used his firepower, little Jack-Jack,
and his clothes came out of it unscathed.

Was this a blooper or was this part of his superpowers?

6. Violet’s Tresses

Did you ever notice that Violet’s hair changed sides?
The part in her beautiful black hair used to switch from left to right all the time. Someone should have
fired her hairstylist!

7. The Stamp

Image via Taringa

Remember the boring office scenes? In one of them, Bob stamps a big red ‘DENIED’ right at the center
of the document. However, in the next frame, the stamp has repositioned itself to the top of the page.
What kind of power is this? How many everyday gadgets does Mr. Incredible own?

8. The Pencil Holder

In the office scene with Mr. Huff, Bob’s pencil holder shifts in every frame. Sometimes it is in the center
at other times it is placed on the corner of the table.

9. The Vanishing Door

Image via Deadshirt

Initially, Bob’s cubicle is seen to have two entrances. However, after the first shot, one of the doors
disappears and is never seen again.

10. The Incredible Watch

Bob Parr’s watch keeps appearing and disappearing in continuous scenes making us believe that is an
unacknowledged gadget.

11. The Zipper

Image via WallpaperSite

Helen’s super-suit carrying bag has superpowers of its own. The bag’s zipper seems to be changing sides
in every shot shown of her on the plane.

12. The Explosion

Image via JoBlo

One minute there are no cars below. The next moment the pass explodes and the traffic is flowing
smoothly. We are just wondering why the dramatic explosion on the overpass never caused a traffic

13. The Pitcher

Edna’s tea pitcher seems to move just like Bob’s pencil holder. The scene where Helen visits Edna shows
the pitcher changing sides after the designs are revealed.

14. Helen’s Hair

Image via Planet Pixar

Helen’s bob cut grows drastically after her plane explodes. We know wet hair appears longer but that

15. The Map

In the opening scene, the navigation map shows everything but the destination San Pablo Ave.

16. Helen’s Strength

Image via Earn the Necklace

Elastigirl got some super strength in the RV scene. Looks like powers transition during the marriage?

17. Non-Existent Destruction

Syndrome’s oil tank mayhem ignited no fires anywhere.
Is there no realism in this film?

18. The Button

Image via Disney Movies

While fighting Ominroid, Helen pressed the first and last control button for the same purpose. Did all the
control buttons have a single purpose?

19. The Wrong Defense

When Helen uses the missile’s defense system she releases flares instead of chaff, while using a chaff
This might have been a children’s movie but little did Pixar know that 14 years later they will have a
team of adults scrutinizing every little pixel of their animations.
Have you noticed these tiny mistakes?


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