What makes women swoon? Good looks and grand gestures might make your job easier. But there are millions of other things you do that make a girl’s heart skip a beat. The best part is that most men have no idea that their actions are taking our breath away!

Here is a little insight into what makes a woman dizzy:

1. Running Fingers Through Hair

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Every girl melts at the sight of a guy slowly running their fingers through their hair. It’s pretty natural and every guy does it, but there’s just something about it that gets our hearts racing. Tip: add lip bite to it for bonus effect.

2. Smell Good

Smelling good is the key to a woman’s heart. Guys who smell bad are an immediate turn off. Any dude who doesn’t stink is already automatically winning. To be clear, don’t think this means to just go heavy on the body spray. We don’t don’t need you smelling like a whole Abercrombie & Fitch store either.

3. The Sneak Peak

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It’s always a turn on when guys reach up to grab something, and you can see that little bit of stomach as their shirt lifts up. Sometimes a girl might ask a guy to grab something above, just to get a tiny glimpse.

4. The Metaphorical Shoulder

We don’t always need men to be tough and at the ready to save the day. Sometimes all we need is a soft shoulder to cry on. Letting her vent all her problems will go a long way.

5. Mr. Fix It

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If you are handy with a toolbox, know your way around the house. Be sure to know you have a way around our hearts too!

6. Conversations

After the flirting stage is finally over you need to bring yourself into the conversation. Drop those long rants about your boss or the proclamations of how awesome you are. Deep conversations that range from all the things you are passionate about to random anecdotes of the past are things she really wants to hear.

7. Cute Factor

Image via Me and Mr.Wrong

Girls turn into a pile of mush when they see their mans interacting with kids or fury animals. It’s the double adorable factor and reflects the big hearted goofball underneath every confident and ever-composed man in the world.

8. The Black T-shirt Effect

You know that band ‘Plain White Ts?” Screw ’em. Plain black t-shirts is where it’s at. Just where a plain black shirt and know you’ve got our full attention. White button downs with black leather jackets can work the magic too. So can tuxedos if it’s done right. Just dress to impress but don’t overdo it!

9. Hush-Hush

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Women have confessed that they get goosebumps when guys whisper into their ears. That said, we mean sweet nothings into our ear, not creepy stalker threat type things.

10. The Eyes

Love at first sight. It’s not just a theory. Play your cards right and it can happen. The perfect eye contact speaks volumes if keep the creepy ogling stare down several notches. Reel her in with that seductive alluring gaze (that doesn’t make her feel like meat).

11. Forearms

image via Cereal With Class

For some unexplainable reason when those cuffs roll up and forearms reveal themselves, women have known to get tingly. If you’re trying to make an impression, open a jar in front of her.

12. When They Soften

Every now and then you should tone down the alpha-male front off and show her your vulnerable side. The tender feelings, the secret confessions, letting out all your insecurities and regrets, all these things bring you closer.

13. The Protective Instinct

Make your woman feel safe secure when she’s with you. Just holding her hand when you’re walking in a crowd of strangers can mean a lot. It means you want her close and safe by your side.

14. The Strength

Women love strong men, they make her feel protected. That’s doesn’t mean you need start lifting up cars or anything, but definitely find an excuse to push those sofas or carry some heavy boxes. Once again, opening up a jar of pickles should always do the trick.

15. Manners

Image via The Telegraph

Chivalry is a dying trait that every woman craves. We might like the rugged, bad boys but we usually sway over when we see a man opening doors, getting our set and just having good manners. Like keeping the toilet seat down would do too!

16. The Helper

A lazy, overgrown man-child can be a big turn off. Helping out with chores, running errands and cooking once in a while can actually go a long way. Offering to help our mom’s out in the kitchen? Swoon city.

17. Accents

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British, French and Spanish accent are a few of the linguistic splendors that can make heartbeats run faster. Maybe it is the exotic flavor they add to the conversation or just the layered sound.

18. That Husky Tired Voice

A man’s deep, hoarse voice can make the temperatures soar. If you’ve ever wondered why it seems your woman always tries to talk to you late at night when you’re half asleep, or first thing in the morning when you’re half asleep, that’s why. The voice.

19. The Little Things

Image via Daily Express

There is nothing more attractive than a man that pays attention
Small gestures like sending her flowers without occasion, putting her favorite music in the car or getting her the ice-cream she had been craving can work more magic than the grand gestures.
Isn’t it amazing how these small actions were helping you make the big moves? So the secret to seducing her is to be casual, be you. No masks or facades needed!

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