En uheldig bilist som hadde blitt stanset langs motorveien. Haste-blinkskudd i 110 km/t.

A little speeding harms no one. Your permanent track record would like to disagree, though. While you race about in the streets, give yourself an adrenaline boost, you also accelerate the chances of getting a speeding ticket that will stain your pristine record. It isn’t just the citation; the hefty fine might put a dent in your budget.

So what do you do to get off the little white piece of paper? Beg? Bribe or flirt your way out? The answer is simpler than any cunning tactic you might put out to play here. When you see
those glaring blue lights and hear that screeching siren, you need to calm down and greet the cops with your best behavior. Does that work? Yes, most of the times it does, as not every cop is out there with a stone cold heart. If you are nice to them, they might
reciprocate and give you a pass. If this sounds too good to be true than listen to the advice the cops around our block gave us:

1. First Timer’s Luck

We have good news for the new speeders. You might be lucky enough to go off with just a warning because of your ticket-free past. Cops have confessed that if you are caught for the first time or have a squeaky clean track record, then the chances of them giving you a pass are pretty high. However, they might get ticked off by your aggressive attitude, denial or pathetic excuses. This is why you need to keep those lips sealed and let them do the talking first.

2. Reckless Driving

Image via Legal Beagle

More than your speed, the one thing that really gets on the traffic officer’s nerves is: your aggressive driving. There is no way to weave your way out of a ticket if you have been driving like a maniac. Not even a virginal record will save you at that moment for all the incriminating evidence was displayed
by your aggressive driving skills.

3. Don’t Act Guilty

Although we may have said that blatant denial is a turn off for the cop, that doesn’t mean that you start confessing as soon as you roll down your window. Just try to play it cool and say that you didn’t realize you were speeding. However, be careful about what you say next. They have heard it all so they will easily see through the exaggerated lies you throw at them to hide your guilty actions.

4. The Warning

Most traffic crimes are pretty minor; you might have speeded too quickly or held up a parking spot. Therefore, try to get on the cop’s good side and request for a warning. Then if he obliges, be grateful and promise him that you won’t be caught in the act ever again. Asking for a warning can’t harm anyone. The odds are that he will most likely agree to look the other way if you are being reasonable.

5. Slow Down

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Once you have seen the cop’s signal to stop, do not be over smart and speed away. It is better to slow down and pull yourself to the side, rather than have the police car chase you down.
Even if the cops don’t catch up with you this time, they might have recorded your number plate. This means one way or the other you will face that ticket.

6. Best Behavior Doesn’t Come with a Bribe

The cops may not be thrilled about your driving but they are often easy to sway with politeness and manners. What do we mean by that?
Many little things like:

 Listening without interruptions
 Being cooperative and friendly
 Not misbehaving: like eye rolls, smug attitudes, and impatience

The one thing they truly loathe though is your trick to buy your way out of the ticket. You will save your money and their image by not pulling out your wallet.

7. Your Job

Image via PlayBuzz

One of the interesting secrets the policeman spilled during our conversation is that they will turn a blind eye to their fellow servicemen. This could be anyone from another officer, doctor, lawyer or even a highway foreman. If what you do for a living is helpful to the society or has helped them in any way then they will be considerate of you.



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