Why Ariana Grande is better than Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey may have been the move in the 90s, but it’s 2019 and she’s just doesn’t have it anymore. Sure, We Belong Together is a classic, but that was like 13 years ago. What have ya done for me lately? Ariana Grande drops banger after banger. Even Nicki Minaj said in her verse on Side to Side, “young Ariana run pop.” Pretty convincing.

Mariah was married to Nick Cannon

Honestly, we could end the debate right there. Case closed. Automatic L. You gotta be ‘wildin’ out’ to say “I do” to him. That guy who started Twitter beef with Chelsea Handler? F**k out of here. Moving right along…

Mariah was in a tub, Ariana was a hurricane

We all remember Mariah’s iconic episode of Cribs when she stripped down and took a hot tub on camera. Clearly, she enjoys a nice jacuzzi once in a while. But ya know what’s wetter than a hot tub? A hurricane. In the God is a Woman video, Ariana wasn’t just sitting in a hot tub making small splashes, she was a whole damn hurricane making tidal waves.

Ariana goes harder at Christmas

Every year right as November rolls in, Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You, starts slowly but steadily climbing to the top of the iTunes Charts. But in recent years, Ariana has slowly been taking over the holidays. From her 2014 bop Santa Tell Me to her to 2015 EP Christmas and Chill it’s pretty clear who owns Christmas now. Plus then there’s this. This pretty much speaks for itself…

Ariana isn’t just “the new” Mariah, she’s better than her. Sorry, we don’t make the facts.


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