The Royal family can seem like something straight out of a fairy-tale at times. Yet every now and then they remind us that underneath all the superficial glamour, the yachts, palaces, and good looks (yet still sub-par teeth), they’re really just like us. Here are a few examples of how the Royals are just like the Smiths down the block:

5) Nodding off at important moments

Who hasn’t been somewhere at a service or event and not been able to keep their eyes open? Everyone knows that feeling when you’re at a show, movie, church, wedding, etc when all of a sudden you notice yourself nodding off. That’s exactly what happened to Prince William during an Anzac Day service shortly after the birth of his new baby. Surely, everyone has had this happen at least once.

4) Prince George Loves Dinosaurs

According to a new story from Town and Country Mag, Prince George’s latest obsession, is something everyone can relate to––dinosaurs! Every 90’s kid remembers their ‘dinosaur phase.’ Don’t pretend you were never obsessed with The Land Before Time or that creepy live-action Disney show ‘Dinosaurs.’ Well now even Prince George, who at his young age can already buy up your entire block, is going through his dino phase.

3) Eating fast-food and watching tv

In there’s anything us ‘commoners’ are good at it, it’s stuffing our faces full of cheap and greasy fast food while getting sucked into the insufferable world of reality tv. Yet a new report from International Business Times now reveals that such activities are not exclusively reserved for the peasants of the world. According to a butler of the late Princess Diana, her and her two boys, Prince Harry and Prince William, would frequently spend their Saturday nights eating McDonald’s and watching the British reality show ‘Blind Date.’ Go figure. So keep that in mind next time you find yourself eating a Big Mac and watching the Kardashians.

2) Leaving the house without something

We know it can be hard to find flaws in the Royal family, well other than the whole colonization thing. Yet it as it turns out, the Royals are not actually perfect. According to Hello magazine, while out back-to-school shopping for George and Charlotte, Kate Middleton made the rookie parenting mistake of forgetting to bring socks while shopping for shoes! The British outlet writes, “The children, who were wearing summer sandals, had to borrow a pair from the shop in order to try on their smart new shoes.” Everyone knows the feeling of going at and realizing you forgot something. Welcome to the real world Kate.

1). Having no idea what you’re doing in the kitchen

Back in 2016, Sarah Ferguson, also known as ‘Fergie’––no not the one who royally messed up the national anthem at this year’s NBA all-star game––appeared on OWN for a baking segment with Oprah. Quickly it became apparent that neither of the two had any idea what they were doing. Phrases like “what’s this for?” and “I don’t know what that is” dominated the segment. Anyone new to the world of cooking can easily relate to clip. Unfortunately, most of us will have to learn eventually, since we don’t all have a crew of personal chefs tending to our every dietary request.

The singer Lorde told us “we’ll never be royals,” but considering all this, she’s still probably right.


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