This weekend, Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller was tragically reported dead due to a drug overdose. He was 26 years old. Miller’s debut album Blue Slide Park was the first album from an independent artist to reach number #1 since Tha Dogg Pound’s album Dogg Food was released in 1995. With the loss of his unique sound and entertaining lyrics, here are 6 songs to listen to while remembering his life and his contributions to the rap game:

6) Nikes on My Feet

Released back in 2010 and sampling Nas’ song The World is Yours, this is one of Mac’s earliest hits. The smooth beat mixed with his soft rap flow defined his entire style during his mixtape days. That and the fact that Nike has been in the news lately for its deal with Colin Kaepernick make this a must listen.

5) Cruise Control

This song serves as a classic ‘taste of Pittsburgh’ as it features fellow Steel City rapper, Wiz Khalifa. You can tell the song is a few years old based on the line “dealing with these diva hoes they so demanding, Mac a young superstar, Dakota Fanning.” What was the last blockbuster Dakota Fanning was in? Not sure her appearances in Twilight were enough to warrant the title ‘superstar,’ but nonetheless this is Pittsburgh rap it’s best.

4) Kool-Aid & Frozen Pizza

There’s a reason Chance the Rapper tweeted out “Kool-Aid and Frozen Pizza” shortly after news broke of his death. This song is vintage Mac Miller from his early days when he was first breaking onto the scene. If you want to see Mac in his come up, this is the move. 

3) Knock Knock

Probably his first truly big hit, ‘Knock Knock’ is a can’t miss song for anyone trying to discover Mac in light of his tragic passing. Lyrics like “I ain’t got a Benz no just a Honda, tryna get my money like an anaconda, real real long” and “girls giving brain cos I’m acting like a gentleman, in deeper than the water Michael Phelps was in” are two of his most slept on lyrics.

2) All Around the World

Released on his 2012 fralbum Best Day Ever, ‘All Around the World’ is a classic jam all about partying and having a good time. If there’s ever a song about letting loose, getting turnt, “making noise like a stampede” with “so much smoke up in this b*tch you can’t breathe,” it’s ‘All Around the World.’

1). Don’t Mind If I Do

By far one of Mac Miller’s best songs and one of the first to really blow up was ‘Don’t Mind if I Do’ off his mixtape K.I.D.S. Sampling the song ‘Fireflies’ by Owl City, the nostalgia of this song alone is enough to make your eyes water. Watching the carefree music video depicting a pool party will make you want to, as one youtube commenter wrote, “eat some shrooms and jump into the screen to party with him.” 

Mac Miller’s death is a painful loss for the rap community. Fortunately, he is forever immortalized in these classic hits from his mixtape days.


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