2017 was an interesting year for the millennials. This is because of their potent ability to seep their jaws into every industry that was once thriving, and burn it to the ground with their toxic influence. But certain people from the millennials really stand out from the rest, we have compiled a list calling out the worst of them according to rank.

Mark Zuckerberg

Image via Harvard Gazette

Mark Zuckerberg is the reason why Facebook, the world’s number one social media agency (read ‘spy’ agency), exists. When Mark was summoned to report in front of members of Congress, many people couldn’t help but notice his emotionless, almost robotic demeanor. The latest gossip around Facebook is that they are patenting technology to spy on people through their smartphone camera and microphone. The young entrepreneur and philanthropist insists that the social media giant is an instrument of good,not evil as his current business model suggests.

Brock Turner

Image via Slate

Brock Turner is a convicted rapist who became the most frequently talked about person for a brief few seconds when Judge Aaron Persky handed him a six month (reduced to three months) sentence for raping an unconscious woman in 2015. This raised a lot of flak from the public eye, who believed that his
family’s influence and money was factored by the judge. In 2017, Brock irked up the public’s hatred by becoming an advocate to warn college students across the US about the vices of binge drinking, which he blames the rape for. His father once said that he was being punished unfairly for ’20 minutes of action’. Now that is appalling!

Stephen Miller

Image via AP Images

This White House adviser is the main person behind Trump’s executive order to ban immigrants from Muslim majority nations. He has been known to make racist and cruel remarks about people he deems to be inferior, including janitors. He is reported to have said, “Am I the only one who is sick and tired of being told to pick up my trash when there are plenty of janitors who are paid to do it for us?”. He once called reported Jim Acosta a ‘cosmopolitan’ and criticized the Statue of Liberty for being too inclusive. It is frightening to note that his personal beliefs can make it into national policy.

Jake Paul

Image via Hollywood Reporter

Jake Paul has become the quintessential definition of everything that is wrong with social media. He is a known bully who has become a nuisance not just over YouTube, but on the streets as well. His neighbors don’t think too highly of him and complain about all the noise and litter that him and his fans end up
spreading on the streets. His ex girlfriend and fellow YouTuber Alissa Violet accused him of abusing her multiple times when they were together, and even former friends said they left Jake Paul because he bullied them one too many times. But that isn’t his biggest crime, the main reason why he made it to our list is because of his video of a dead body – the way he nonchalantly mocked the dead person was appalling and even his own fans called him out on it. Jake followed that up by tasering the body of a dead rat. The lack of empathy on his end is unbelievable.

Martin Shkreli

Image via Time Magazine

Martin earned himself the title of ‘pharma bro’ because he increased the price of an important life-saving medical drug from $13.50 to $750 and showed no remorse over it. He is known to harass journalists and even disrespecting the Wu-Tang Clan. But this isn’t why he was incarcerated, the reason why he was
initially sent to prison was because of security fraud. The smug investor was so confident that against his own lawyer’s advice, livestreamed his thoughts on the current trail, calling it an ‘astounding victory’ only mere hours after the conviction. What’s more frightening about this millennial is that he is entirely self –
aware of his role as a villain. He loves the media attention and public hatred, and therefore continues to baffle us by his outrageous actions.


Image via TNW

Pewdiepie is the most subscribed YouTuber who frequently makes videos mocking other people. To keep his audience engaged, Felix resorts to making increasingly toxic videos, going so far as to include racist and anti-Semitic jokes which even cost him a sponsorship with Disney. In one of his livestreams, he yelled out the N-word unabashedly. Of course Felix always followed them up by public apologies promising to never do it again. We only wonder how many impressionable young people repeated the
same actions.


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