From mountaintops to lava fields, these couples really took their wedding destinations to the next level. Check out these nuptials being married in some of the most original and extreme ways:

7. Suspended Above Canyon In Utah

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Kimberly and Ryan Weglin decided that they would really showcase the daredevil within them by having a wedding while suspended over a 400 foot cliff in Moab, Utah. The couple have a special place in their heart for Moab because they love slacklining and the largest slacklining festival in the world happens in Moab. This festival happens during their anniversary every year and it is where they can see all their friends from other countries in one place. Besides the location itself, their wedding was absolutely extreme.  The flower girls were base jumpers with 5,000 flower petals stuffed in their parachutes and their were aerialists hanging from silks below the net they got married on.

6. On Top Of Mount Whitney

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Judy & Les got married 13,600 feet up in the air, right after the Trail Crest on Mount Whitney. The spot where they got married at takes at least 3 days to get to, which in their mind showcases the strength and future duration of the marriage. With over 150 visitors present at the wedding, it also shows the love and dedication of their friends. The best part of the wedding was that they did not have to pay for a photographer. LA Times came to document the wedding as a story for the highest wedding in the lower 48 states.

5. Top of Cecil Peak, New Zealand

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Mona and Steve Howe are all the way from Windermere, FL. However, they wanted to be wed at their own church somewhere in the wild. They chose the top of a 6,000 foot mountain in New Zealand as the place. Although it was a 16 hour flight from Florida, this did not stop the couple’s perseverance. Although this is quite the extreme wedding, this couple is a bit boujier than the rest because they took a helicopter to get to the wedding site. They knew walking up was too deadly for the groom. His flat shoes slipped all over the grass while the brides heels stuck into the grass.

4. Madikwe Game Reserve, Capetown, South Africa

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Ben & Sarah chose Tau Safari Lodge on the border of Botswana as the location for their wedding. This lodge is a group of chalets placed on a privately owned game reserve. This reserve has 27 major species and over 10,000 animals on its premises. After the couple tied the know in the savannah landscape, the whole wedding party went on a safari. The couples love for animals was showcased through this wedding filled with elephants and lions.

3. Lava Field in Iceland

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Couple Sophia and James wanted a low-key wedding in a not low-key place. This is why they chose to get married at Budir Church, a miniature and ancient chapel that is in the middle of a lava field in Iceland. The chapel feels like it is in a completely secluded area, yet it is only a short drive from Reykjavik, which made this a perfect location.

2. Married In The Sky

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Frits & Wilma really had a wedding 150 feet off the ground. However, it was not in a skyscraper in New York, it was on a platform raised 15 stories in the air. A company called Dinner In The Sky organizes events in which their guests are strapped into a seat on a platform and hoisted up in the air. The chapel for Frits & Wilma was little bit closer to Heaven. Like the other couples on this list, this couple also has some daredevil in them. They shared their first kiss after marriage while jumping off the platform on a bungee cord.

1. Underwater

Image via Greg Lecour

This couple decided to tie that knot at the Hotel Metropole in Monte Carlo. Here, they were guided by 4 time world champion of free diving, Pierre Frolla. The groom got a custom tuxedo wetsuit, while the guests all came down to dive in their own wetsuit. As they patiently waited for the bride, she floated down into the aisle in her dress. This could possibly be the most angelic way to see your wife before getting married.




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