Watching movies is great – but not all the movies you watch are great. While some movies are fantastic and terrific, others just have a plot that’s ‘too extra.’.

While it is true that not all movies are meant to be cinematic masterpieces, it still just does not justify the ridiculously bizarre movie plots the film world has witnessed.

Movies, which are nothing but plain unrealistic and ridiculous, make us wonder who even comes up with such crap plots and how!

Here are some movie plots that are ‘too extra’ and hilariously hard to believe.

Joe’s Apartment

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The ridiculous story of this movie revolves around a guy named Joe who after moving into a cockroach-infested apartment in the New York city becomes ‘best friends forever’ with some insects. Not only this, the insects actually help him in getting a girl and dealing with his mean property owner.

A friendship of a guy with insects – wow, so inspiring! We cannot wait to befriend our home pests now, can you?   

The Thing with Two Heads

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The plot of this movie goes like this: A wealthy, old white man must have a larger, younger black man’s head surgically grafted onto his neck or else, he would die.

Did not you know science works this way?

Attack of the Killer Tomatoes

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In this movie, tomatoes suddenly transform into sentient beings who are only interested in killing humans.

Have you ever heard of a dumber movie plot? We bet not! Humans being attacked by ‘killer’ tomatoes – something must have got into the mind of the writer while he was writing this script!

The Happening

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Here goes the weird plot of this movie: The world’s plant life lets out its aggression related to pollution and other forms of eco-destruction by releasing a toxin into the air that makes humans kill themselves. Downright unrealistic, isn’t it?

Jaws: The Revenge

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A cringy and perhaps the dullest sequel of the movie ‘Jaws’, Jaws: The Revenge’s storyline revolves around a widow named Ellen Brody who has had not-so-pleasant encounters with a white shark – the shark actually has already killed half of her family. And when Ellen tries to move on and start her life all over again at the Bahamas, guess what, the shark follows her there to kill her and the rest of the clan. On top of that, the shark can actually stand on water and roar like a lion, WOW!

Birdemic: Shock and Terror

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In this movie, a couple who finally falls in love wakes up the next morning to find something ‘shocking’ and ‘terrifying’. Their whole town is under attack from eagles and vultures that spit acid, which explodes into flames upon hitting the ground. We did not know eagles or vultures could do that, did you?

The Human Centipede

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In this movie, two girls somehow end up in a makeshift hospital where they meet a psychotic German doctor whose life-long fantasy is to make a human centipede by connecting humans together via their gastric systems.

What a story! The writer should have gotten an Oscar for writing the most ridiculous and senseless plot ever!

These are some of the most pointless and ‘too extra’ movie plots, which completely failed to impress any sane human mind.


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