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If you are a millennial and thinking about planning a vacation but don’t want to go to the clichéd and tourist infested places then it’s time to take the road less traveled and head to the hidden gems of the world.

That’s right, as much as we would love to see the Buckingham Palace in London or the Eiffel Tower in Paris; it’s time to see something different. Here are 8 destinations Millennials are heading to make their vacations memorable:

1. Cartagena, Columbia

This captivating little city is a hidden gem for someone who wants to explore colonial charm blended with a cosmopolitan and contemporary vibe.

The best part is that it has low crime rates, great food and friendly people making it one of the best Caribbean destinations for millennials to fly to.

2. Bali, Indonesia

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Originally a place flocked by honeymooners, Bali never fails to live up to its hype. The picturesque beauty and relaxing atmosphere make it a place definitely worth visiting in your lifetime.

It’s best to book your trip somewhere around February and March as it’s the best weather and not crowded as well.

3. Faro, Portugal

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Take a detour from Spain and fly right next to its border sharing country Portugal for this little heaven on earth.

With quiet beaches and rustic cobblestone roads that you can walk on and do a little soul searching, Faro makes it one of the top places for millennials to visit this year.

4. Kahului, Hawaii

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Most people head to Honolulu or Waikiki for their dose of sun, sand and surf but Kahului is slowly becoming a popular place to chill and relax as well.

Apart from the breathtaking scenic beauty on the island, it is also a shopping hub and a great place for some retail therapy.

5. Amsterdam, Netherlands

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This city of rivers is famous for its bustling nightlife. During the day you can just take a bicycle and explore the city.

The food, culture and history are some of the things about this city which make it one of the truly millennial-friendly cities of the world.

6. Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Home to Harvard University, this city of intellectuals is sprawling with cafes, restaurants, libraries, bookstores, artwork, museums and basically anything that would be food for thought.

7. Cairo, Egypt

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In the last few years, Dubai has taken the traveling world by storm when it comes to visiting the Middle East. But Cairo is slowly taking center stage again with its iconic history of the Pharaohs, Nile and the awe-inspiring Pyramids.

8. Fiji 

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This place might be a bit of a challenge as it depends where you are coming from but none the less, totally worth the little bit of hassle. It is nothing short of a mini paradise that is embedded on earth. You’ll love the crystal clear waters and the lush greenery!

Are you ready to explore the world and expand your insight through traveling? Then head to these paces and have an awesome time!


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