Halloween has come and gone. It’s November 1st. Time to get ready for Christmas or whatever edgy secular Pagan winter celebration you prefer. In the meantime, let’s take a moment to appreciate some of the best costumes from this year’s spooky celebration:

19) Literal Sperm

This little guy, 1-year-old, decided to go as a swimmer. Not like the Michael Phelps type swimmer, like literal sperm. Cute baby, looks like he’s having ‘loads’ of fun.

18) Straight Outta Springfield

This bar in Austin went above and beyond for Halloween by turning itself into Moe’s Tavern from the Simpsons.

17) Lock Her Up

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Lock her up @barstoolsuny

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These girls put an interesting twist on the whole ‘Disney princess costume.’ Personally, we think doing acid with Alice and tripping balls sounds like a great time. It’s preferable to getting your ass kicked by someone named Tinkerbell.

16) Get that bread ????

Even if you’re out partying, you can still hustle and grind. These two perfectly personified ‘gettin bread.’

15) This father-daughter duo

Why can’t we all have dad’s like this guy? Don’t we all wish we could have looked this cool walking into our first-grade Halloween party?

14) “Bread winner”

This is one of those ‘good-bad’ costumes. It’s overall pretty lazy and terrible, but for some reason, it just works. Congrats Trisha, you either won the best costume or the worst, we can’t decide.


12) Loko

Who remembers those college nights where you and your friends pounded back Lokos? Probably nobody cause everyone was blacked out. You take a lot of Ls just drinking Four Lokos, imagine being one.

11) DMV Worker

This sloth decided to be clever and dress as a DMV employee for Halloween. Or maybe it’s a DMV employee dressed as a sloth, hard to tell the difference.

10) Out of Order

Everyone’s had the heartbreaking experience of going to McDonald’s in search of a chocolate shake or a dipped cone, only to be told the machine is “OuT oF oRdEr.”

9) Bob Ross

If you ever want to give yourself that ‘what the fuck am I looking at’ feeling, turn over to PBS sometime and witness the artistic genius of Bob Ross. From his signature afro to naming the bushes that he paints in landscape scenes, it’s a hell of a time.

8) A Star is Born

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A baby star (is born)! ???? @nina ????

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Nina Dobrev wants the world to know she really loved Lady Gaga’s new movie. Dobrev showed up to the Casamigos Halloween party dressed as a literal interpretation of A Star is Born along with a sign that read ‘campaigning for best picture.’

7) Filter, No Filter

Personifying the classic ‘filter vs no filter’ meme, this couple wins for the most relatable costume of the year. Anyone who has ever used an online dating site or social media of any kind will agree. People really out here putting filters on their LinkedIn profile pics.

6) Cereal Killer

When in doubt, go for a pun. This person decided to go for some wordplay this year and went as a cereal killer. We’re sorry to hear about Apple Jax’ tragic murder, but we’re pretty sure everyone can live without Corn Pops.

5) Reality Bites

Also working the ‘pun’ angle, this guy showed us some real images of people biting into things to pay homage to the ’94 RomCom, Reality Bites.

4) To All the Tombs I’ve Raided Before

Capitalizing on the popularity of the critically acclaimed To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before and the well…not so stellar reboot of Tomb Raider, this girl took it to the next level. Meet Lara Jean Croft, a combination of Lara Jean from TATBILB and Lara Croft from Tomb Raider.

3) Bee Movie

We’re not really sure why, but for whatever reason 2007’s Bee Movie has stood the test of time through memes. The past few years it’s become fashionable to send people the entire Bee Movie script.

2) Carson Wentz 

Ok, this one is *technically* a costume but let’s be real: Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles looks scarily like Prince Harry. If Wentz ever needs a last minute costume, just throw on a suit and go as the Prince.

1) Reverse Cowgirl

Taking the cake for this year’s most clever Halloween costume is this girl who took ‘punny costumes’ to a whole new level by going as the popular sex position, ‘reverse cowgirl.’ On a scale from 1-10, we give this a 69.

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