Lesia Romanov had everything going for her in her election for the Nevada State Assembly. For starts, she was alive. Unfortunately for Romanov however, breathing and having a pulse wasn’t enough to fend off her election opponent, Dennis Hof, who died three weeks before the race.

Dennis Hof’s Love Ranch brothel Wikipedia

Hof was a well-known brothel owner in Nevada where prostitution is legal. Earlier this year Hof upset a three-term incumbent in the GOP primary, setting up a general election between himself and Romanov. Hof was found dead at his Love Ranch in Crystal, Nevada on Tuesday, October 16th by an employee after a campaign event. Coincidentally, Hof’s Love Ranch is also the brothel where former NBA star and Kardashian armpiece Lamar Odom was discovered unconscious back in 2015.

With only one candidate actually alive in the race, you’d think Romanov would have been a sure win. Nonetheless, Tuesday night, despite posters that were put up all over the polling site to inform people that Hof was six feet under, voters in Nevada ignored that minor detail and elected Hof to the State Assembly anyway. It wasn’t close either. According to CNN, Hof bested Romanov by more than 7,000 votes securing over 68% of the vote.

Maybe voters in Nevada read up on the Russian revolution beforehand and decided someone with the last name Romanov was ill fit to represent Nevada’s 36th district. You know it’s bad when people would rather vote for someone they know is dead than vote for you. On the flip side, Romanov’s self-esteem is now likely also dead.

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