Wednesday afternoon the comic world went into a frenzy as fans finally got their first glimpse of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in the upcoming movie.

Since her casting was announced at 2016 Comic-Con fans have been on pins and needles to see Brie Larson as the iconic Carol Danvers (no, relation to Kara Danvers, different universe).

Tuesday night, Larson tweeted out, “Hey @EW I’m bored. Want to break the internet tomorrow?” At 12 pm ET the next day, Entertainment Weekly tweeted out the cover of the magazine featuring Larson in full-uniform as Captain Marvel captioning it with “the future is female!”

Entertainment Weekly

Later that day, as the internet ‘broke’ over the cover image, EW released 10 additional exclusive images from the movie. Though we’ve seen a few images on set and some merchandise in the past few months, this is the first real look at Captain Marvel.

During an interview with EW, Larson described her portrayal of the character saying, “she can be aggressive, and she can have a temper, and she can be a little invasive and in your face.”

Set to be the next blockbusting installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movie is still six months out from its release date, making these timely images a welcome treat to Marvel fans everywhere.

In an end credit scene from Infinity War, Nick Fury, in his last act before he evaporates, make a distress call via pager. As the camera zooms in on the pager, we see the screen light up with what appears to be Captain Marvel’s insignia. Last month another possible Easter egg in Infinity War was discovered as many called attention to the red, gold, and blue sash worn by Cull Obsidian during the movie which fans said strongly resembled the uniform worn by Captain Marvel.

Image: Marvel

Though the events of Captain Marvel will take place long before the events of Infinity War, it has been heavily rumored, backed up by the end credit scene in IW, that the film will serve as a kind of ‘prequel’ that will tie right into the events of Infinity War 2.

Captain Marvel will be the MCU’s first female lead, following in the wake of the DCEU’s Wonder Woman. Speaking to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige about the future of the MCU, Feige told EW that the studio plans to release many more solo female superhero films, adding, “I’m anxious for the time where it’s not a novelty that there is a female-led superhero movie, but it is a norm, and it is less a story of, ‘Oh, look, a female hero,’ and it’s more a story of, ‘Oh, what’s this about? Who’s this character? I’m excited to see that.”

From Wonder Woman and Captain Marvel on the big screen to Supergirl and the forthcoming Batgirl show on The CW, the future indeed appears to be female.


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