Country Lightning

Country Thunder was much too literal of a name for one woman who was struck by lightning on Saturday during the festival.

A bolt of lightning hit 22-year-old Brittany Prehn in the Wisconsin based music jamboree after the night’s performances had concluded. Authorities are saying that she was talking on her cell phone, but they emphasize she was not doing anything unsafe or dangerous. She was under a tent at the time of the strike.

The victim suffered extreme burns to her face, and the endpoint of the bolt of lightning was her feet, which ended up blowing off one of her shoes. She is currently a patient in the intensive care unit at the medical center of Loyola University in Chicago.

Although immensely uncommon, lightning strikes are a reality for a select group of people per year. 2017 had a record low for deaths by lightning strikes at 16, breaking the record of the fewest deaths since accurate records began in 1940. Hopefully, the record will continue to be broken for years to come.


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