It is believed mostly by the people of each generation that they are born in the best time. This is the main reason why there is so much hate between the generations. People just always seem to hate on the generation above and below them and this has been the case for a number of years.

Now let’s have a look at each generation closely so we can differentiate and understand their perspective.

The Traditionalists

The Traditionalists, are the generation of people born between the years 1900 to 1945. They are the oldest living generation and sadly they are declining pretty quickly. Traditionalists are hardcore people who have been through two World Wars, the Korean War and their parents survived the great depression. They are also called radio babies because they grew up when radios were a popular technology.

Traditionalists grew up in a nuclear family, which consisted of a married man and a woman with their children. They were hard workers and work was priority in their lives and education was wasn’t very necessary to find work.

The Baby Boomers

The Baby Boomers are the generation of people born between the years 1946 to 1964. This generation is called Baby Boomers because they were born with a huge flux just after the World War II ended. It is said that almost every house in 1946 had a baby, hence the Baby Boomer name. Just like their parents the Baby Boomers, also grew up through Civil Rights Movement, Cold War with Russia and the Vietnam War. These wars turned them into a peace loving hipsters in the 70s.

Baby Boomers are materialistic, greedy and ambitious people. They are also workaholics and like to spend their money on useless things.

Generation X

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People born between the years 1965 to 1980 are known as the Generation X. They were the first kids who grew up in the daycare because the mother’s started working at that due to increasing divorce rates. This generation grew up during the moon landing, energy crises and the end of Cold War. They also did not do as well financially like their parents, which turned them very cautious about spending their money.

Education still wasn’t very necessary, but even a school diploma would earn you a good money job. Generation X saw the rapid Technology growth and they were the first to use a personal computer as well.

The Millennials

Perhaps the most hated generation by everyone, Millennials are people born between years 1981 to 1998. Also known as Generation Y, the Millennials are certainly the most educated generation of all. They are used to stay awake all night and their families consist of mixed parents, single parents or grandparents.  

Millennials have witnessed 9/11, terrorism and school shootings. They are also very active politically correct and social media justice warriors. They also rely very much on technology and have to work harder to survive in today’s fast paced world.

Generation Z


Generation Z are all the people born after 1999. Nothing is known that much about this generation as most of them are still kids. Time will tell how they cope with this world.




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