Police are investigating the deaths of 21 individuals spanning nearly 20 years, all of whom worked for the same German engineering company after an employee was caught on camera trying to poison his coworkers’ lunches.

Authorities were alerted to the poisonings when a 26-year-old colleague noticed a mysterious white powder smeared inside his sandwich. Management installed closed-circuit video cameras in the break room, where the suspect, known only as “Klaus O”, was caught sprinkling the poisonous powder in two other coworkers’ lunches.

“In the beginning, we thought it was a misconceived prank between coworkers and not a murder attempt,” noted manager Tilo Blechinger. Authorities realized the situation was far more serious when they tested the powder and determined it to be lead acetate, a toxic substance which can cause severe organ damage or death.

Upon searching the suspect’s house, police found mercury, lead, and cadmium, heavy metals which can be fatal to humans. Now investigators are re-examining the deaths of 21 coworkers early deaths, dating back as early as 2000, to see if heavy metal poisoning played a role.

According to the police, “there were a strikingly high number of heart attacks and cancers among the death cases in the company.” At least two other employees are thought to have been poisoned; one has been in a coma for two years while the other is on permanent dialysis.

The suspect has remained silent, leaving authorities guessing as to any potential motives. The manager of the company has described the suspect as “conspicuously inconspicuous.”



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