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The body of a celebrity is considered as a tool of her trade. It is what portrays her character and brings home a paycheck. You must have heard celebrities sworn over crazy diets. That’s because it has become the demand of current ridiculous beauty trends. Hollywood is notorious for promoting unrealistically thin body types.

While many celebrities go gaga over this unusual beauty standard and seem ready to even wire their jaws for the sake of dieting, some refuse to follow this absurd dieting culture and condemn living on lettuce and water.

Following is a list of celebrities who do not feel shame showing off their natural body type and proudly say a loud, clear NO to dieting!

Kate Winslet

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The 40-year-old celebrity, Kate Winslet has always openly spoken about the pressure to be thin and her weight issues. According to her, health and sanity come first and therefore, she does not abide by silly diet rules.

She loves to cook and tries her best to avoid processed foods as much as possible to stay healthy. She is of the idea that if one focuses so much on her weight and spends too much of her time thinking of ways to lose weight, she will miss out on the fun stuff – the diets meals do not taste very nice and are boring!

Jennifer Lawrence

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Regardless of what people think and say, Jennifer Lawrence has always been outspoken about accepting and showing off her body. Even though she has always looked great and most of you would agree that she does not even need to go on a diet, she has still been a target of body shaming on multiple occasions.

As saddening as it is, J Law has never paid attention to such comments. She felt no shame in telling that she was enjoying candy and hot dogs while filming Hunger Games.   


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Adele refuses to conform to the unrealistic expectations regarding the ‘look’ of a pop star. She enjoys eating fine foods and drinking nice wine. According to her, she would only lose weight if it affected her health or sex life, which it clearly does not. She feels pride in representing the majority of women and does not want to look like models on the front cover of magazines. Kudos to this amazing woman!

Blake Lively

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The former Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively loves to bake. She says that she does not need to hire a personal trainer or look for what she eats. She cannot start a day without hot chocolate and she always eats a few squares of dark chocolate at the end of the day.

Hilary Duff

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The 28-year-old actress, Hilary Duff was pressurized to lose weight after she gave birth to her son but she did not fall for it. She refused to go on a diet after her son was born just to look as if she was never pregnant. She would rather have her fingernails pulled off than go on an actual diet!

These are some popular celebrities who confidently say no to ‘dieting’ and embrace their natural bodies. Preach!



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