Known primarily for being that loud and obnoxious girl on the Dr. Phil show screaming at audience members to “cash” her outside, Danielle Bregoli is quickly becoming one of the hottest rappers in the game. Even though she may not “tEcHniCalLy” be a bigger star than Beyoncé just yet, her future prospects are only going up whereas Bey’s are flatlining. Just give her time. Here’s why Bhad Bhabie will one day be ‘bhigger’ than Beyoncé:

10) Eminem stole her flow on Not Alike

After his 2017 project, Revival was panned by critics everywhere, in a last-ditch effort to stay relevant in rap, Em released Kamikaze this year. On the song ‘Not Alike,’ people couldn’t help but notice how he sounds exactly like Bhad Bhabie on her song Hi Bitch. If she’s so bad, why is the GOAT trying to rap like her??

9) She collabbed with Ariana Grande…sort of…not really

Bregoli’s song Geek’d was co-written by Leon Thomas III. Thomas is best known for playing the role of Andre Harris on the show Victorious. Who else was on that show? Ariana Grande. That puts Bhad Bhabie two degrees of separation away from the queen of pop herself. That’s as good as a collab to us.

8) All about da views

If we’re talking music video views, it’s no contest who’s doing better. Beyoncé’s Drunk in Love music video for example has 489 million views. Bhad Bhabie’s video for Hi Bitch/Wachu Know has 130 million views. At face value Bey clearly wins BUT, Drunk in Love has been out since 2013. Hi Bitch is only a year old. Drunk in Love’s average is 97.8M views per year, far behind Bhad Bhabie’s 130M.

Does this song slap?


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