Do you believe in destiny?

You probably will once you hear how these stars got their first big break. From vacation spots, cab rides, bar fights to pizza slices. The stories below prove that luck has got a lot to do with how stars are born.

Here are a few lucky tales of discovery:

1. Jennifer Lawrence

Photo via. Los Angeles Times

Hollywood’s golden girl was just fourteen when she was spotted at Union Square. Something about the cute girl caught the talent agent’s attention. Soon after she was facing the cameras in photo-shoots and walking along TV’s oddball detective Monk (2006).

After brief stints in various TV shows the teenager hit the big leagues and became one of the youngest Academy Award winners in 2012.

2. Johnny Depp

Photo via. Variety

Did you know that Jack Earle Haley auditioned for ‘A Nightmare at Elm’s Street’?

We all know that Johnny Depp debuted in the horror film. However, not many know that rugged Jack Sparrow looted his friend’s dream role off him by just casually tagging along Haley’s audition. When Wes Craven spotted the charming teen he had found his Glenn.

3. Natalie Portman

Photo via. Mondoweiss

Our ‘Black Swan’ has been flocking the screens since she was a kid.

Portman was just 11 when she was spotted by a Revlon agent. The funny thing is that she was actually biting a slice of pizza, yet in this messy situation the rep thought she had the ‘it factor’. Although Natalie declined the modeling offer she did start honing in her acting skills in theatre after that encounter.

A few years later she was seen in Luc Besson’s acclaimed. ‘Leon: The Professional’, as a hit-man trainee.

4. Ellen Pompeo

Photo via. Popsugar

The face of America’s favorite TV doctor, Meredith Grey was bartending in New York when she was appointed as a L’Oreal girl. It isn’t surprising how fast her modeling career in the mid- 1900s transitioned into the big screen. She was seen as the pretty girl in shows like Friends and Law and Order, or the love interest in Moonlight Mile and Old School.

After some minor roles, she got her own show in 2005 and found her claim to fame in Grey’s Anatomy.

5. Mel Gibson

Photo via. Variety

A night before Mel Gibson was called in for an audition, he had been at a bar fight. With bruises all over his face, director George Miller thought that he would be a good fit for a villain. However, a few weeks, later when the Aussie stepped into the sets of Mad Max Fury, Miller had to rethink his plan.

He felt that he wasn’t looking at a downbeat bad guy anymore; this was the face of a hero.

6. Harrison Ford

Photo via. Mashable

Our Han Solo had given up any hopes of making it big in Hollywood. The 30 something had failed to make a name in Hollywood and hence took his crossed of an acting career on his to-do list.

Yet, one fine day on one of the sets he was carpentering on he was recognized from his role in American Graffiti. That role and his looks made him a worthy candidate for an audition, which lead to his star-studded, Star Wars career.

7. John Wayne

Photo via. Time

Little Wayne had only one dream and that was to win the Super Bowl Cup.

However, fate had something else in mind. He broke his collarbone, lost his scholarship and the chance of having a football career. To make ends meet he was given a job as a prop boy on the sets of John Ford.

By 1939, John was facing the camera in his Oscar-winning Stagecoach as Ringo Kid. Hence, this is how the footballer was taken from the field and put into the limelight because of a faulty collarbone and a great coach that backed him up with influential contacts.

8. Tippi Hedren

Photo via. NPR

Hitchcock’s muse was heading out of a cab when a modeling agent got a glimpse of her. Something about her golden tresses and the angelic face fascinated the rep and she was reined into the ad world.

The director spotted her in a Sego commercial while he was filming for, The Today Show. The advertisement made him pursue the beautiful actress and sign her up for his film. In 1963, when Tippi debuted in her first feature film The Birds, she had already locked down a seven-year contract with her eccentric director.

The celebrities may have been found when their stars aligned perfectly, but it was talent and hard work that made them rise to where they are now.



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