We’re the generation known for being ultra-tech-savvy. And it shows from every little thing we do, even from the way we speak! Yes, that’s right – we’ve created our new ways of speaking that involves awesome acronyms, abbreviations, and slangs. So, here’s the ultimate A-Z guide for you!

A is for

Adulting – This is when you behave like an adult, especially when the task is super boring and you are
in no mood to do it.

B is for

Benching- It is a silly act of sending out flirty text messages (read: non-committal texts), to lure your
sexual partner.

C is for

Can’t even – You use it when you just cannot describe your strong feelings using words. For instance, “I
can’t even right now!”

D is for

Dead – A one-word to something that is so funny, ridiculous, or hilarious that you ‘die’ of laughter.

E is for

Emoji – It’s the tiny smiley faces or symbols that are typically used while texting.

F is for

Feels – It’s like feeling intense emotions that you can’t adequately define in words.

G is for

GOAT – It’s an acronym for “Greatest of All Time”, i.e, “Messi might be good, but Ronaldo is the

H is for..

High-key – It’s the opposite of low-key. You use it when something needs to be said out loud so that
the world can hear it!

I is for

IRL – A short-form for “In Real Life”. You say it when something is actually happening in the real world
that exists offline.

J is for

JOMO – The opposite of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out), and stands for “Joy of Missing Out”.

K is for

K – Also known as “OK.” and is pronounced as “kay”.

L is for

Lit – For describing something that is totally amazing, awesome, or cool.

M is for

Micro-cheating – The term for small things you do that could be regarded as infidelity but they aren’t a biggie and your partner shouldn’t give much heed to it.

N is for

Netflix and chill – It’s a slang to invite someone over to watch Netflix together or simply have “fun”
while watching your favorite show.

O is for

On fleek – Just another slang for “flawless”

P is for

Phubbing – Do you ignore people around you by trying to keep yourself occupied on the phone? Well,
it’s precisely that!

Q is for

Quinche – This is spoken when someone is hotter than hot. For example, “Ryan Gosling is a total

R is for

Receipts – It’s not the kind you get from the checkout at a store but it is what you asked for when something is hard to believe and you need to see the “receipts” as a proof!

S is for

Slay – It’s said when you succeed in something amazing. It’s similar to “Killed it”.

T is for

Thirsty – When you are too desperate or too eager.

U is for

Unfriend – It is a simple act of getting people off your Facebook friend’s list.

V is for

V – It’s a short form for “very”.

W is for

Wyd – Shorthand for “What are you doing?”

X is for

Xennials – Xennials are the generation who is born between 1977 and 1985. Well, they are too young
for Gen X and too old to be a millennial.

Y is for

YAAAAAS! – It’s a very enthusiastic and strong form of “yes”. Like, “YAAAAS! We did it!”

Z is for

Generation Z – This age group comes after millennials.

There you go! You just learnt the ever-so-cool millennial version of ABC – isn’t it awesome?!


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