Let’s admit it teens are not some bunch of stupid kids who don’t know how to make an opinion about things. In fact, if you have noticed carefully, some smart teens always have their own views about everything they see or hear. It piqued my curiosity to know the celebrities that teens think are cool and uncool. So, I reached to my Twitter teen followers and here’s what they had to say. Check it out!

Celebrities That Teens Think Are Cool

1. Emma Watson

This one was a given. Is there anyone in this world who does NOT like Emma Watson? She is educated, super-talented, stylish, and most significantly, she is everyone’s favorite Hermione!

2. Barack Obama

Image via CNN

The first African-American President, Barack Obama is cooler than you think. He is handsome, a social media savvy, and the king of selfies. He even once took defeat graciously and with good humor on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Well, could any president be awesome than him? Nope.

3. Brie Larson

There is a good reason why most of the teens consider Brie as one of the coolest celebs. She is empowering and humble – Do you remember the time when she stood up and hugged every sexual assault survivor who performed with Lady Gaga at the Oscars? She literally brought tears to our eyes with such a sweet gesture!

4. Demi Lovato

Image via Billboard

Demi is undoubtedly honest and candid. Just look at her YouTube documentary where she confidently opened up about her past relationships and history of substance abuse!

Celebrities That Teens Thinks are Not Cool

5. Chris Brown

Image via People

The American singer has been surrounded with a number of controversies; one of the most popular ones being that he assaulted everyone’s favorite Rihanna back in 2009. So, it wasn’t surprising to see teens calling him uncool on Twitter.

6. Jake Paul

Many Twitterites were seen roasting once-loved American actor and YouTube personality. He is among the top most hated celebrities and has lost around 50 thousand subscribers for being absolutely

7. Katy Perry

It seems like everybody has started hating Katy Perry all of a sudden. The failures of the Teenage Dream
singer have been mounting up to the point that it is simply impossible to ignore, and apparently, her
fans are not as such please with her.

8. Bella Thorne

She is one of the celebrities who got the most “not cool” votes out of any person on the list. Maybe that’s because she is a little extra, which teens find hard to swallow.

Besides these celebrities, there were some other renowned ones on the list as well. The Kardashians and Taylor Swift got polarizing figures for some reason which means that they both were equally regarded as cool as well as not cool by the teens.
Some other celebs who were in the “cool list” were Oprah Winfrey, the Sprouse Twins, Zendaya, and Rihanna while others celebs who were in the “not cool list” included Jennifer Lawrence, Amy Schumer, Perez Hilton, and Nash Grier.


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