Twitter is something we use daily. It’s become an imperative tool in our modern lives. With all the constant Twitter fingers typing away about what they had for breakfast or how hungover they are from the night before, it’s hard to imagine life without Twitter. So, we got to thinking, imagine if people throughout history had Twitter, what would they tweet?

The Dinosaur Extinction

We can only wonder what went through the minds of dinosaurs everywhere when that asteroid hit.

Adam and Eve

Poor Eve, here she was tryna share some dank fruit with her man. Next thing ya know they’re being evicted and staring at their naked bodies.

The Trojan Horse

It’s amazing no one seemed to find it odd that a gigantic wooden horse showed up just outside of Troy. In the middle of a war, you’d think people would be more on edge.

The Assassination of Julius Caesar

No one is quite sure what Caesar’s reaction was when his ride or die Brutus knifed him in the back, but we’re sure he was less than impressed.

Jesus’ Death and Resurrection

We’re guessing JC was probably hella pressed that someone in his own squad crossed him. Nothing like a little weekend R&R to get over it.

The Reformation

What was the first ever ‘twitter thread’? We’re not sure, but we know Martin Luther’s 95 Theses could have easily been the first if Twitter was around in the 1500s.

The American Revolution

We all know the Joseph Decreux meme, turning popular rap lyrics and slang phrases into old English. Now imagine the reverse, old English translated into modern day slang.

Edison vs Tesla

Twitter would have been the perfect platform for the inventors Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla to air out their bad blood during their ongoing invention battle.

Operation Barbarossa

Nothing like a little 20th century smack talk. The Twitter beef between Hitler and Stalin during World War II would surely be legendary.

JFK Assassination

President Kennedy’s death was a real tragedy. Dude just wanted to drop the top and roll through. Never saw it coming.


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