While you all were asleep dreaming of sugar plums and reindeer, Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid man were in the studio cooking up some fire to bring in the holidays. Yesterday this unexpected duo dropped an even more unexpected Christmas rap, All I Really Want for Christmas.

Not only is #KoolAidManLilJon one of the most slept on hashtag of the year, the song actually goes harder than viagra.

In one line Lil Jon proves to us that he’s still Lil Jon by rapping, “Feliz Navidad, no eggnog, more Kool-aid, yea!”

During an interview with The Rolling Stone, Lil Jon told the magazine that’d be been wanting to do a Christmas song for a long time but, “could never get the right inspiration to get it done.” He believes this song, however, is finally the one, adding, “I wanted to do something fun for young and old, and I think that mission is accomplished.”

Complete with lots of “yeas” and “ooh yeas” the song slaps you in the face with Christmas spirit and has a beat that knocks louder than drunk Christmas carolers going door to door.

The video is basically just Lil Jon and Kool-Aid man getting progressively more crunk at a house Christmas party and pouring out bottles of Kool-Aid.

Unlike the flop that was Disney’s new Nutcracker movie, this video actually has a nutcracker that’s pretty lit. He’s even gotta grill as one Tweeter awesomely pointed out.

The video starts off rather tame with Lil Jon at a piano as the Sugarplum Fairy song plays. Then, just as we’d expect, Kool-Aid man breaks through the wall, and then the bass drops. Without a doubt, this Christmas jam is certain to bring the noise to cancel out any silent night this holiday season.

Most Christmas songs are slow, dull, boring, and way overplayed. No one is pounding back Christmas mules blasting I’ll Be Home For Christmas. This banger will ensure that both you and the tree are lit as f*ck.

Who knows, this may replace Christmas in Hollis as the best holiday rap song. But it also might even be better than Mariah’s iconic All I Want for Christmas is You.

Mariah Carey or Lil Jon, who has THE go-to Christmas anthem?

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