Paul Anthony Menchaca, 31, is a school crossguard and was arrested on September 6 at his home in Gilbert. Police detained Menchaca for duping three caregivers into thinking he had Down Syndrome. The caregivers said he made them bathe him and change his diapers.

The first caregiver was recruited on, which describes itself as a “nationwide caregiver marketplace.” Menchaca used a fake profile, which he created, named “Amy” to recruit his first caregiver. She would communicate exclusively with “Amy” via text. The first caregiver recalls bathing and changing the 31-year-old on 30 different occasions. According to court documents, the same caregiver recalled five “separate incidents when [Menchaca] aggressively said his genitals were not clean enough.”

“Amy” asked for more assistance for Menchaca, so the first caregiver recruited two more caregivers. “Amy asked all three to victims to ‘punish’ [Menchaca] when he soiled his diaper by putting him on timeout and taking away his privileges,” according to the probable cause for arrest statement. “All three victims were paid in cash by [Menchaca] when they picked him up and dropped him off from neutral locations.”

Menchaca worked as a crossing guard at Bogle Junior High School in Chandler, AZ up until his arrest.

Police say the caregivers became suspicious of Menchaca’s behavior and tailed him from where she had dropped him off to his home. The victim was then greeted by Menchaca’s parents who informed her that their son did not have Down Syndrome and did not need assistance using the bathroom. Police said Menchaca “admitted to lying to them about his mental condition” when the three caregivers confronted him.

The three victims provided statements for Menchaca’s initial court appearance; one requested a “substantial” bond. “I fear for my safety in regards to that, as well as my family and friends because I did bring my family and friends around him,” she added.

Menchaca stated to the court: “I just want to let you know I am special needs. I do have a low IQ level. And my mom and dad both have paperwork to prove that. And I’m starting to talk to my dad about getting me some help and getting me into a counselor and probably like a rehab center to talk to somebody.”

Menchaca has no criminal history; he is due back in court Sep 17. His bond is set at $15,000. Menchaca resigned from his job at Bogle Junior High a week before his first court date.


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