Experts such as Mark Bauerlein believe that the millennial generation’s intellectual capacity to think is being thrown into jeopardy by the digital age. He gives several reasons to support his belief, many of which we will discuss and expand upon in this article.

1. They make excellent Jaywalking targets

The term Jaywalking began when Jay Leno from the Tonight Show took a camera and microphone onto the bustling streets of Los Angeles and asked people about current affairs and history. That coined the term Jaywalking, but to believe that the millennial generation is prone to Jaywalking accidents is rather ludicrous. It’s an exaggeration of a few statistical outliers and blown entirely out of proportion. Every segment of the population is at risk of getting hit by speeding cars.

2. They don’t read books – and don’t want to, either

To be honest here, the word ‘book’ has changed to incorporate multiple meanings because of the age of digital media. We have a thing called ‘ebooks’ now. They allow a person (young millennial *wink wink*) to whip up their phone and read the latest issue of Marvel’s comics. And to be fair, if we were to dive into the 20 th century, we would fail to find young 20 year olds struggling to speak to each other while they bury their noses in their books. The young millennial generation shouldn’t be expected to conform
to that hypothetical scenario.

3. They can’t spell

Give a 60+ year old grandparent a smartphone and ask them to spell, see how that pans out. The
blabber they tend to write on social media far exceeds what the millennials are capable of. But we
would like to agree with Mark here, because when we load up any Instagram page of a scantily clad
bikini model, we can find comments scribbled with emojis and terms such as ‘xoxo’ and “ROFL”.

4. They get ridiculed for original thought, good writing

How is that the fault of the millennials? To be fair, they do get a lot of flak for original thought. Young
people are expected to remain within the confines of the ideologies that dominated their parent’s
minds. Deviation from that is considered heresy and in some parts of the world, it even provokes a good
old public lynching. How can one expect original thought in such toxic environments?

5. Grand Theft Auto IV

Image via GTA V Rockstar

Why Grand Theft Auto? And why specifically Grand Theft Auto IV? Does Mark hold a vendetta against Rockstar studios or something? The Grand Theft Auto series has given so many young people (and older grandparents) an outlet to act out on their impulses, which, in all likelihood will attract unwanted heat
from officers of the law.

6.They don’t store the information

Millennials do have very small attention spans the size of a pinhead. But in their defense, they are flooded with too much information, again, because of the digital age. As a result however, they have developed an evolved sense of intellectual ability to filter out the useful bits from the useless bytes.


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