Early in the AM on Friday, August 31st, Eminem surprised the world by releasing his newest album Kamikaze out of nowhere with no prior warning. Immediately fans took to social media to revel in the apparent return of the ‘old Slim.’ One reviewer called it his best effort in years, describing it as “full-on old school” Eminem “dropping a litany of classic Marshall Mathers verses.”

Channeling his early-2000s blonde hair days, Eminem pokes fun at and disses numerous people from Drake, Joe Budden, Charlamagne Tha God, and Lil Yachty, to DJ Akademiks and Donald Trump. Yet perhaps what will come to be his most consequential diss was to the Cleveland rapper Machine Gun Kelly.

On the song ‘Not Alike’ he raps, “if you want to come at me with a sub, Machine Gun, and I’m talking to you, but you already know who the f**k you are Kelly.”

Just days after the album was released, on Monday morning MGK dropped his response in a diss track entitled Rap Devil––a play on Eminem’s 2013 song Rap God.

The song, nearly 5 minutes long, contains a barrage of insults and shots fired at the Detroit rapper attacking him for the way his music has fallen off and dropped in quality.

Accusing him of being ‘old’ and ‘washed up’ Kelly raps, “somebody help your mans up, knees weak of old age the real slim shady can’t stand up.”

The fourth verse by far contains the most punches, going after his age, lack of recent success, poking at his past, and branding him as arrogant, out of touch, and way past his prime. Referencing his movie 8 Mile and his Grammy-winning song Lose Yourself, Kelly raps, “we know get nervous Rabbit, I see momma’s spaghetti all over your sweater, I wish you would lose yourself on the records that you made a decade ago they were better.”

This new set of disses marks the latest chapter in the ongoing saga between the rappers. The ‘feud’ began back in 2012 when MGK tweeted about Eminem’s daughter Hailie stating that she was “hot as f**k.” Eminem was reportedly not impressed with his comments and during an interview in 2015 with HOT97, MGK said that it still affects his career.

UPDATE: A full week after MGK released Rap Devil, Eminem finally responded with his own four-minute diss track, Killshot. In the song, Em essentially rebuts everything MGK said while hardly breaking a sweat. The Detroit rapper torches Kelly for his lack of relevance in rap and his lacklustre sales.

Rapping, “you’re a f**cking molehill and Imma make a mountain out of you” along with a line later in the song, “this is it, as big as you’re gonna get so enjoy it, had to give you a career to destroy it,” Eminem acknowledges that by even bothering to respond, he gave MGK more clout than he deserved, catapulting his career well beyond anything he could do on his own.

During an interview on The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1, MGK stated that after listening to Killshot, which he dismissively nicknamed ‘leg shot,’ that he would not be responding.

Year of Beef

It’s been quite the year for rap beefs. From diss tracks to Twitter rants to literally throwing shoes, rappers have been at each others throats this year. As 2018 winds down, let’s look back at some of the most exciting beefs in rap:

Drake vs Pusha-T

By far one of the ugliest battles of the year was the back and forth between Drake and Pusha T. While the two have been casually dissing each other for years going all the way back to 2002, things came head on this year.

Pusha drew first blood on the song Infrared released on his new album Daytona going after Drake for his ghost-writing controversy. Drake immediately fired back with his Duppy Freestyle diss track. In one line, Drake name dropped Pusha’s fiancé, rapping, “Holla at me when you’re multi-million/ I told you keep playing with my name and I’ma let it ring on you like Virginia Williams.”

Days later, Pusha unleashed all hell on Drake in his Story of Adidon diss track. In less than three minutes, Pusha exposes Drake for having a secret son with a pornstar, calls him out for being a deadbeat father, pokes at his insecurities of not being “black enough,” attacks Drake’s parents, and makes fun of his friend and producer Ovo 40 who is dying of multiple sclerosis.

Drake never responded to the song. In October however, he went on Lebron James’ HBO show and stated he thought Pusha went too far, but concede it was a “hell of a chess move.”

50 Cent vs Ja Rule

Nothing like picking at old scabs. This beef dates all the way back to 1999 and spawned some of the best diss tracks in rap history as both rappers’ entire camps got involved.

Unfortunately, this feud led to actual violence. In March of 2000, 50 was stabbed during an altercation between G-Unit and Murda Ink. In 2005, the offices at Violator Management, who handled 50’s career at the time, were shot up.

In 2013, after years of going back and forth, Ja officially waved the white flag and accepted defeat. 50 however seems to have not gotten the memo.

In an interesting turn of events, 50 popped up to troll Ja Rule one more time. According to his own Instagram, Fif bought up 200 seats to a Ja Rule concert just so the the front would be empty. This is a whole new level of petty.

Ja responded on Twitter saying, “I get under @50cent skin I love it.”

Nicki Minaj vs Cardi B

One of the most entertaining beefs all year was definitely the on-going feud between Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. The two have been rumored to be fighting for a while, but it wasn’t until this year’s New York Fashion Week that things really boiled over.

While at a fashion week party, the two were spotted in a heated verbal altercation. Things escalated when Cardi eventually threw a shoe at Nicki. In the video of the incident released by TMZ, Cardi can he heard screaming, “Bitch, come here,” later threatening, “I will f–k you up!” Cardi later confirmed that the fight was over comments Nicki made about her daughter and parenting.

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Cardi was later seen leaving the party without a shoe. Cardi later confirmed that the feud was over things Nicki said about her daughter and her parenting. Minaj went on drag Cardi on her podcast and accused her of using Payola to build her career. Cardi responded by posting a graphic of her chart numbers on Instagram, captioning it “NUMBERS DONT FUCKIN LIE!”

The most recent chapter in this beef revealed that despite making the claim, Nicki Minaj never slept with Migos member Quavo. Sources close to Minaj recently disclosed that the only reason she said she slept with Quavo was to make Cardi B made. Cardi is currently married to Offset, also a member of Migos.

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