Everyone has that one friend. The one who no matter how much you coach them and prepare them they just can’t seem to ever land a date. No matter how hard you wingman, they just can’t get it together. While everyone else is out partying and slugging back eggnogs, they’re back at home binge-watching Friends alone. Fortunately for your deadbeat single friends, Mia Khalifa has them covered. With her first ever venture into the tech world, Mia’s Fire Dates will spare them a long and brutal holiday season of sitting at their parent’s house blacking out in their bedroom.

Instead of spending your evenings sober trying to comfort your loser friend watching reruns of “A Christmas Story,” give your bro the gift of 1000 swipes a day and hundreds of potential matches so they can actually have a social life and still get laid before the New Year.

Give this 1-month membership holiday promo to as many lonely friends as you want. Now you don’t have endure their agonizing sob stories about being forever single. Say goodbye to being too embarrassed to bring them out in public.

Save your friend’s dating life and dignity and zip over to miasfiredates.com/gift before the holiday season ends!


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