Millennials are the generation born between the years 1980-2000. This generation receives a lot of hate on a daily basis for the supposed traditions and cultures that they are ruining. However some of the trends that people seem to think were created by these lazy millennials have actually been around long before them.  

Here are some of the millennial fads that are actually older than you might think:

Selfie Sticks

Photo via. Wanderlust travel magazine

Taking selfies is one the many diseases that millennials suffer from today. And the invention of selfie stick didn’t provide any cure for it as well, instead it enhanced it. But if you think these ridiculous looking rods in the hands of the teenagers are the invention of millennials, then you are mistaken.

Selfie sticks have been around for nearly a century. However there are just a few evidences left to prove this.

A man from Whitehaven, United Kingdom sent his Grandparents’ selfie from 1926. It is the oldest known evidence of the selfie stick which is clearly visible in the photo.

Casual Texting

One of the millions of annoying things that the previous generation complains about millennials is their ‘tic tic, tac tac’ typing on their phones. Millennials come from a generation which grew up texting their friends and posting useless comments on social media. They are also known for their ability to type a message in shortest forms to save some micro seconds to waste later on.

The things that annoy previous generations about millennials’ texting habits are there use of extensive acronyms. But the use of these short texting has been going since the 1870s. People used to send telegrams to each other and used short words such as ‘U’ for You, ‘Pls’ for Please and many others found in texting nowadays.

Adult Coloring Books

Poor millennials were criticized heavily by the older people when the fad of coloring books for adults started in 2015. Coloring books brings out the inner child for everyone. It’s a fantasy that may look childish but is extremely satisfying. And if your parents or grandparents disagree with it, then they are probably lying.

Coloring books for adults first became popular back in 1960s and featured interesting cynical tones. They mostly featured pictures of a man going through his daily boring routine and asking you to bring color to his life.

Women Getting Sleeve Tattoos and Piercings

You might call millennial women crazy for getting ridiculous sleeve tattoos and piercings in their most private areas. But chances are your great-great-great grandmother had them too. Tattoos and piercing trends have been tracked down by historians to date back to the mid 1800s. These trends are not so famous in the books because they were common among usual everyday people.

Women used to get tattoos all over their bodies back then. There are also evidences that nipple piercing was common back then as well. Women of that era believed that piercing their breasts would make them bigger and firmer through nerves excitation all the time.



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