Fashion has advanced a lot over the last century or so. But the medium it used to get global recognition with was none other than our good old family friend – the Television. TV has a humongous portfolio of shows, documentaries and music videos that have basically contributed in almost every aspect of life. It has also changed the entire fashion industry several times over the years by showcasing some of the most iconic moments in history.

Here are some of the most iconic style moments in TV history that stirred the fashion world:

Blair’s Wedding Gown (Gossip Girl)

It was probably the most talked-about wedding dress in 2010. In season 5 of the popular TV show known as Gossip Girl, the main character named Blair Waldorf married Prince Louis. But the hottest topic that emanated this episode was the wedding gown the actress Leighton Meester (who plays Blair Waldorf) wore. It was a stunning multi-layered Chantilly Lace Appliqué white dress designed by the famous fashion designer Vera Wang.

Marilyn Monroe Costumes (Smash)

Smash was a TV show that started back in 2012 but only lasted two seasons before getting cancelled the next year. However this show gave us some fashion moments to cherish when actresses Megan Hilty (played Ivy Lynn), Katherine Mcphee (played Karen Catwright) and the legendary Uma Thurman (played Rebecca Duvall) dressed up as Marilyn Monroe. There costumes were outstanding and they stunned the fashion world, creating one of the most iconic style moments ever on TV.

Victoria Grayson’s Dress (Revenge)

Victoria Grayson might be the most hated character on the hit TV series ‘Revenge’. But she certainly has fashion sense to impress everyone who looks in her direction. Her dresses were one of the most talked-about things when the show was on air.

The best one was kept for the 4th of July episode when Victoria walked into the party wearing an incredibly sexy skintight white Herve Leger dress. That minimalist dress looked so good on her that it created a buzz all around the fashion world. It was certainly one of the most iconic style moments in TV history.

Joan’s Back to Work Dress (Mad Men)

Photo via. People

Mad Men was a popular TV show that aired from 2007 till 2015. This show also contributed to the list of iconic fashion moments when the character Joan Harris (played by Christina Hendricks) rejoined office after her maternity leave. She wore a curve-hugging pink silk shift dress which looked amazing on her.

Zoe’s Formal Shoes (Hart of Dixie)

Photo via. Pinterest

Rachel Bilson created buzz in the fashion world when she made hearts miss a beat with her the looks on the TV show ‘Hart of Dixie’. She played the character of Dr. Zoe Hart and in one episode her formal shoes were the talk of the town. These shoes perfectly combined with her silky blouse, covered by a blazer and finished up with cropped bottoms.

Every Jennifer Lopez Look (American Idol)

It is evidently clear that whatever Jennifer Lopez wears it will most possibly look good on her. She stunned in every episode of the world famous ‘American Idol’ TV show. From Herve Leger bandage dresses to neon pink Michael Kors. J.LO can create fashion history in every dress.



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