With more than 125 million players across the world, Fortnite’s popularity, which has drawn everyone from pre-teens to superstar musicians like Drake, has led to some parents hiring video game coaches to help their kids win.

The same way that some children get music or golf lessons, the Wall Street Journal has found several parents who pay private “Fortnite: Battle Royale” coaches to help their child excel at the popular video game.

The Wall Street Journal spoke with several parents who have paid for private “Fortnite” lessons for their children. Many of these parents are hoping that their kids will turn this hobby into lucrative e-sports careers, a college scholarship, or maybe a slice of “Fortnite” developer Epic Games’ $100 million competitive prize pool.

Parents typically find Fortnite coaches for their children through social media or contracting sites. There are also dedicated coaching marketplaces such as Gamer Sensei, which charges between $15 and $35 an hour for “Fortnite” lessons.


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