A Philadelphia woman knew something was a little odd in her Domino’s order last Sunday (July 22nd).

Marta Rusek ordered from her local Domino’s, and when she immediately got it, she knew something was wrong. She instantly checked the food to see what was wrong, convinced that poop was in the food.

“I poked it and smelled it,” she told the Philly Voice. “Definitely poop.”

She decided to take this issue straight to the Internet and posted pictures of the poop covered food on Twitter.

Dominos immediately responded by saying,”We take this seriously, please DM us your email and phone# so I can assist you further.”

Although Rusek appreciated Domino’s reaching out to her about her food concerns, she plans on contacting a lawyer, doctor, and Health Department to look further into that Dominos location, so an incident like this never happens again.

Rusek said to Domino’s,”I have enjoyed your cheesy bread and pizza for years, and I tip your delivery team members as much as I can,” she replied to Domino’s tweet. “I still can’t believe your employees did this.”

Early this week the Health Department sent inspectors to visit that Domino’s location, but when officials showed up it the store was closed and all windows we shut.

Rusek since has updated her Twitter bio which now reads: “Star Wars, pizza*, and feminism. If you don’t like those things, please swipe left. *Except Domino’s.”


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