Despite the popularity of health foods and bizarre cultish workout routines, a recent study is reporting that the millennial generation is on track to be even less healthy than their parent’s generation. Despite the fixation on organic and deconstructed foods, coconut water, and anything involving kale, the Independent reports that “millennials may be the first generation to have poorer health in middle age than their parents.”

Technically, the study attributes the health problems to wages, employment, personal relationships, and housing, not so much food and exercise. The study found that a link between “long-term stress, anxiety, depression or [sic] lower quality of life.”

Mental health among millennials has been a frequent subject of study. As a result of some of these ‘life setbacks,’ many millennials have developed chronic loneliness which has had a negative impact on their mental health.

In truth, millennials are vastly underpaid compared to generations before them. With the rise of the new ‘gig-economy,’ and zero-hour contracts, and of course burdening college debts, the financial hardships faced by millennials are taking a major toll on their mental health. Studies routinely show millennials experience higher rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts that the generation that preceded them.

It’s perhaps a bit ironic that the generation that prides itself most on its ‘healthy lifestyle’ is the generation that is on course to be the least healthy. According to one writer at Women’s Marketing, “more than any generation in recent history, millennials are characterized by their interest in living a healthy lifestyle.” This explains why things like CrossFit, ‘hot yoga,’ spin-class, and other highly pretentious and regimental workout routines have soared in popularity among young adults. It also explains the mysterious world of millennial food trends and the uptick in consumption of things such as; chia seed pudding, sushi burritos, green smoothies, quinoa bowls, and gluten-free anything.

Despite their best efforts in the food and exercise department, it appears low wages, underemployment, and interest rates, and the horrors of moving back in with the rents are creating a less healthy generation. Go figure, all that kale you forced yourself to eat, all that La Croix you convinced yourself wasn’t so bad, and all that money spent at pretentious gyms trying to get that perfect ‘summer bod’ and yet millennials are still less healthy than their parents who eat at Olive Garden.


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