Millennials—people born in the early 80s to the 2000s are shaping our world in many ways these days
especially through entrepreneurship. Here are 15 millennial entrepreneurs you need to know about:

1. Mark Zuckerberg

He’s famous for creating Facebook and paving the way for other social media platforms. Barely in his
30s, he’s a billionaire that has given back to the community to help in curing diseases and supporting

2. Gerard Adams

This millennial is making waves in the news industry. Founder of Elite Daily, a fast and growing online
news platform, he’s also investing in multiple startups to help other entrepreneurs.

3. Adam D’Angelo

This young entrepreneur left Facebook to create the now famous question and answer website, Quora.
Have a question? Quora it away!

4. Brian Chesky

If you ever stayed in an Air BnB then it’s thanks to this guy. Travelling has become a whole lot easier and
cheaper and its users are 50 millions strong.

5. John Zimmer

If you use Uber then you probably must have used its competitor app Lyft and it’s this guy’s idea.

6. Daniel Ek

If you love music then you must have used Spotify thanks to him. It’s one of the most popular music
streaming services in the world.

7. Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy

These are the founders of Snapchat, an app that has changed the way we post pictures and videos

8. Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom

Before Instagram was bought by Facebook, it was owned by these creative entrepreneurs. This is the
most popular photo-sharing app to this date.

9. Sean Red

He is the co-founder of Tinder that changed the dating game tenfold and made it easier for likeminded
singles to get connected.

10. Matthew Mullenweg

Everyone knows WordPress and all the credit goes to this guy who made blogging and making websites
a cakewalk for the layman.

11. Andrew Mason

He might be the oldest millennial but his creation Groupon has changed the way people avail the
sweetest deals and discounts they can have in their area.

12. Ben Silbermann and Evan Sharp

They are the creators of Pinterest. This is the super famous social media app that brings in all your
creative ideas all in one place in the form of different idea boards.

13. David Karp

Image via Wall Street Journal

He was only 21 when he created Tumblr. This millennial has since then come a long way and has been a
game- changing medium for [posting, blogs, pictures, artwork and music for people.

14. Rihanna

Selling millions of albums worldwide is not the only thing she is famous for. The immensely talented and
beautiful singer changed the beauty industry with her line of makeup aka Fenty Beauty that outshone
the likes of celebrity-based makeup brands such as KKW Beauty and Kylie cosmetics.

15. Peter Cashmore

Image via Crains New York

He really lived up to his last name as he has made millions thanks to his digital tech news site Mashable.

Did you get inspired by these individuals? Most of the things they created are used by you. Now it’s time
to shine on and be someone else’s inspiration.


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