Are you on a diet? Which one?

Being healthy has become the latest trend in the late 2000s. While we have no objection against this positive lifestyle we do raise our eyebrows at the techniques employed. There are so many ridiculous diets raging through the internet that we had to put pen to paper and try to debunk them and their false promises.

Here are some crazy diets your friends and colleagues swear upon:

(But in truth they aren’t worth your time)

1. An All-Liquid Diet

More famously known as the juice cleanse, this diet will force you to drop solids and pick up glasses of juice. We are talking about fruit and vegetable smoothies, protein shakes on the go and one gallon of water.

The reasoning behind this anti-solid diet is that you get a low-calorie, high-water intake without jumping through hoops of rules and regulations about a balanced diet. It is so simple and so effective.

However, the benefits you reap from it are short-lived.

2. Black Magic

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Well, not really. But that is what this diet sounds like.

This diet involves drinking activated charcoal that latches onto the bad toxins and unprocessed food particles swimming inside your stomach and helps them pass. The charcoal is effective in cleansing your digestive tract because it doesn’t get digested.

While the charcoal does help boost up the digestion process and give you a glowing skin, it doesn’t do anything beneficial in the long run.

3. Embracing the Whole Grains

The macrobiotic diet is a full vegan, non-dairy, non-meaty diet which has you eating whole grain foods and some vegetables and beans. That’s it nothing else.

This optimal health stimulator might just cause some very harmful malnutrition if you completely keep off from the animals.

4. Boss Baby

The baby food diet has people go back to their infant years and eat processed food that comes out of jars and looks like mashed peas.

I mean we were given teeth for a reason people. Why are we eating non-chewable food?

5. Blue Shades

In this diet, you are supposed to eat all of your meals with blue tinted glasses on. The blue color helps your vision get hazy and makes the food appear unappealing.

Apparently, unappealing food will keep us off our appetites. We think this just sounds very shady!

6. Nose Clip Diet

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If we cover our nose while we eat, we won’t find the food delicious. As a result, we will eat less and smell nothing.

7. Ice-Cream Diet

The diet offers you a special honey and coconut ice-cream to devour all day, five pints to be exact.

8. Ice Diet

This diet makes us lose weight by chewing in 1 liter of ice cubes. While it keeps us hydrated, ice chewing is also a sign of anemia. So we are really confused here!

9. The Sushi Diet without the Sushi

Keep those metabolisms speedy by eating the raw vegetables and fruits. Your food will be edible, filled with high-fiber and rich in proteins.

10. The Prayer

This isn’t a diet, just a praying ritual. You have to pray that you lose weight and subconsciously you will.


11. Cabbage Patch

In this diet, you intake bowls of cabbage soups for a week to tone down your body. Maybe a bite or two of regular meals in between is plausible but you will mainly be drinking soup to keep the calories low.

12. Fistful Diet

Serve yourself a fistful of all the five food groups in every meal.

How do we have a fistful of gravy?

13. Cookie Monster

Eat 6-9 specially baked low-calorie cookies and live off your life with chunky healthy goodness.

We don’t think chomping off cookies without any other solid food will get us the body we want.

14. Sweet Diet

The dessert with breakfast diet is just as it says. You eat dessert every morning to curb off your cravings throughout the day.

15. 9 to 5

The eight-hour diet is all about eating in the daylights and fasting in the nights. The fasting helps us keeps our food servings moderated.

This requires willpower that you probably don’t have!

16. Shangri-La Diet

Subdue your appetite by drinking a spoonful of olive oil after every meal.

These diets have left us speechless. Does any sane mind try them? Have you heard about them?

Don’t fall for gimmicks!

Use your brains and eat a balanced diet, do some exercise and be fit and lean without applying any weird scheme.



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