13 Year Old Boy Stabs 13 Year Old Girl Repeatedly; She Survives

A 13-year-old was charged with attempted murder Wednesday of this week for allegedly stabbing a girl his same age multiple times in Phoenix, Arizona.

Sgt. Tommy Thompson with the Phoenix Police Department said the violence occurred around midday on Tuesday.

Thompson said police believe the boy, who was not identified because he is a minor, went to the girl’s home with the intention of stabbing her. The two children are neighbors and have lived next to each other for years.

Police believe the boy knocked on the door of the girl’s house and asked her to borrow something from the kitchen to make sure that the girl’s mother was not home. Thompson said he then stabbed her multiple times in her head and body with a knife.

The girl was luckily able to fight him off and run for help, being quickly transported to a local hospital shortly after the incident. She is expected to recover after a brief period in hospital care.
In a later interview with the boy, Thompson said the boy had made his intention clear: he wanted to “murder” the girl.

Yet another child is added to the list of the teenage killers, and because of his extremely young age, he will most likely be released before serving his entire sentence, although with his comments about his clear intentions, there might be uncertain.

Danny and Ricky Preddie were sentenced to eight years in youth penitentiary after multiple different trials for stomping a ten year old boy to death in 2000. They now both walk free, so the verdict will most likely not be heard for months, if not years.




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