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The amount of hate millennials get from the older generations is quite humbling. But it’s not so humbling for the millennials, who seem to busy in creating new trends while killing old traditions of the society.

Here are the 9 things millennials are accused of killing in today’s world:

9 to 5 Jobs

Millennials are known for complaining that they earn less than the previous generation, which is actually true. But they are also being accused of killing the traditional 9 to 5 job timings. This is because millennials prefer to work on flexible timings and prefer to keep on working after leaving their office at their homes.

Chain Restaurants

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Millennials are often accused of being the laziest generation ever, which is proved by their lack of patience in waiting for their food. This is the reason chain restaurants are being killed by millennials because they’d rather prefer fast food or order for home delivery then have quality food in a good environment.

The Real Estate Industry

According to statistics millennials are making much less money than the previous generations. And even if some of them earn well, they waste their money on expensive lattes and avocado toasts. This is the reason most of the millennials aren’t buying homes which is killing the real estate industry.

Soap Bar

Millennials have played a vital role in declining the sales of soap bars. They believe it’s disgusting and full of germs that might carry diseases from other people who have used it. Anyone who have ever been to a public restroom and saw a soap bar with disgusting hair clinging on it will agree with the millennials.

The Hotel Industry

According to Mashable, millennials are killing the hotel industry with force. These young travels would rather sleep on someone’s couch than rent an expensive luxury room.


Millennials are known for their weak handshakes. As most of the millennials are introverts and would rather connect with someone online than meet them personally. That’s how they are killing this old tradition of shaking hands as a way of saying hi.

Fabric Softeners

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Millennials have a good appetite for fabric detergents (Tide pod joke), but they aren’t keen of the softeners. That is because millennials are changing their fashion sense and most of them prefer to wear sporty gear which doesn’t require any softener during washing process.


Millennials are also accused of cold blooded murder of the poor daytime meal known as lunch. Lunch break used to be a break from office stress when you can gossip with your colleagues and complain how much your jobs suck. Millennials don’t care about such breaks, they prefer snacks on their office table because it’s cheaper and less time consuming.

Departmental stores

Nothing is safe from the laziness of millennials. According to Washington Post, millennials are causing the decline in departmental store sales. This is because most of them think it’s a waste of time and effort and they would rather shop online then go to a departmental store.


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