NEW SCOTLAND, NY—A three-year-old handed a police officer a bag of weed, resulting in the arrest of her mother and her mother’s friend. Police say a routine traffic stop turned into an endangerment of a child arrest. The three-year-old casually handed marijuana, a pipe, and a grinding device to the officers at the scene.

26-year-old Scott Hill was driving when he was pulled over for “suspicious movement.” Police say during the stop, after Hill rolled down his window, the officers could smell burning marijuana. One officer noticed a small child in the back seat. He checked on the welfare of the child who wasn’t in a “properly child safety restraint” in the backseat. Meanwhile, another officer questioned Hill and the 33-year-old passenger, Megan Karl. The child was revealed to be Karl’s daughter.

It was at this point, to the officers’ surprise, the 3-year-old “reached under the front seat and retrieved a zippered pouch,” state police said in a news release. “She opened it and held it up so the trooper could see the contents.” Police found some marijuana, a metal marijuana grinder, and a pipe.

The authorities said that both the grinder and the pipe still had remnants of marijuana in them.

The state troopers also searched the ashtray where they found butts of marijuana joints. According to the arrests, the drugs and paraphernalia belonged to Hill.

The little girl may have seen the two frantically hiding the illegal substance once the traffic stop began and intuitively assisted the officers.

Both Hill and Karl were arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child. Hill was also separately charged with unlawful possession of marijuana. The authorities said that the toddler was taken into the care of some relatives. The Child Protective Services was also informed of the situation. Hill and Karl are both due back in court at a future date. maybe it’s time for some more serious reform.

These arrests comes at a time when marijuana is legal for recreational use in 9 states and Washington, DC, as well as medially legal in an additional 21 states.  Nevertheless, marijuana-related arrests remain drastically higher amongst people of color, even though marijuana use rates are roughly the same regardless of race (even Elon Musk is smoking these days).


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